Updating your home’s interior can be an exciting and challenging process, but it can also be costly. Buying new furniture, fixtures and flooring can be very difficult with a limited budget, but there are other effective ways to update your decor without spending a fortune.

Instead of replacing your dated or stained carpet completely, you can use a product such as Simply Spray Paints Carpet Fabric Paint. This paint is specifically designed to be used on carpets and area rugs. It allows you to change the look of your flooring and create any design you desire without the need to rip up your old carpet and install an expensive new one. This carpet paint will allow you to cover up old stains from high traffic areas, pet accidents or marks left behind by children.

The best way to use Simply Spray Paints is to test a small amount of fabric paint on a concealed area first. This will help you ensure the color is exactly as you would like it. While it is possible to change your carpet to almost any color, you will get the best results if you choose a lighter color than your current shade. The paint dries fast and does not contain any toxic chemicals, making it perfect for households with pets and children. As is the case for all spray paints, the best way to apply is in multiple light coats, moving back and forth across the surface.

A great feature of these fabric paints for carpets is being able to create unique designs that you could never purchase in a store. You can create blocks of different colors, geometric shapes, patterns and more. Furthermore, if you change your mind, simply paint over and start again! To cover an average sized carpeted room, you will need about six to eight cans of Simply Spray fabric paint.