Changing the Color of Your Upholstery in Your Car

Has your beloved car seen better days? After just a few years of wear and tear, a car’s upholstery can become faded, dingy, dirty, and stained. Too much sunlight, kids, and a spilled cup of coffee all add years to the look of your car. Upholstery fabric paint can restore years to the inside of your car in a few easy steps.

1. Choose the color: Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint is available in a variety of colors. Choose a new color for your old car, or use the same color to brighten up faded carpets and seats. This is also an easy way to hide those stains. Remember that Simply Spray works best when going from light to dark. If you want a radical color change, test first on a hidden area. You will need between 6 and 12 cans of the chosen paint depending on the size of your car.

2. Clean and vacuum: Make sure the upholstery is free of loose dirt and oils. Test absorbency with a small amount of water. Let dry before spraying.

3. Prepare area: Cover areas that should not be sprayed. If possible, it may be easier to remove the seats from the car. Simply Spray washes off hard surfaces, if a mistake is made. Test a small, hidden area three days in advance.

4. Spray evenly: Use light coats and do not soak the fabric. Keep the can upright and the nozzle clean. Use your hands to rub the spray evenly. The upholstery fabric paint washes off hands. Let dry 20 minutes between each coat of paint.

5. Let dry: Once the desired color is reached, let dry. The paint will dry in 72 hours and will not rub off once it is dry. If preferred, use a hairdryer to speed drying time. The fabric will be soft to the touch when dry.

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