How Long Does Simply Spray Take To Dry?

The last step in the upholstery painting process can feel tedious but it is vital: letting the sofa paint dry to ensure that your furniture has a professionally-painted look. All that separates you from your beautified furniture is a few days of waiting, but the results are worth it.

Simply Spray needs at least 72 hours to completely dry. Thicker coats of the paint can take longer to dry, so it is recommended that you paint using thin coats of the paint. If your furniture’s fabric is oversaturated, the paint may not be able to completely absorb into the fabric. This may cause some paint to rub off onto clothing even after 72 hours, as well as possibly marring the paint. It is important not to let anything touch or brush against the sofa paint while it is drying, since this can cause undesirable blemishes on your furniture.

There are several methods of speeding up drying time if you can’t stand to wait. Unlike other types of paint, Simply Spray responds well to heat setting. This means that you can use heat to make the sofa paint dry more quickly. Heat guns and hair dryers work well for this purpose. If you choose to use this method of drying, be sure to use a low to medium heat setting. You should also keep the heat gun or hair dryer one to two feet away from the paint to prevent blisters from forming. Using slow, sweeping motions will help the paint dry evenly. Leaving the furniture in the sunlight can also help the paint dry more quickly. You may only wish to do this if you painted the furniture outside in the first place, since it can be difficult to move freshly-painted furniture outside without marring the wet paint. Simply Spray does not fade in sunlight, so you do not need to worry about your paint fading during the drying process.

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