Best Fabric Paint To Use On Furniture?

When faced with furniture that is outdated or will not match new decor, what do you do? Buying new furniture is a costly process of slogging through store after store looking for good pieces. Reupholstering is also expensive and time-consuming hassle, especially on big or complicated pieces. Instead of giving yourself a headache, give your furniture a face lift with fabric paint.

You may think all fabric paint will result in stiff, ugly upholstery, but if you use the right product, the results will look and feel phenomenal. Used correctly, Spray It new fabric paint will leave your fabric soft and pliant. On any area that holds an unusual amount of paint, you can loosen the fabric pile with a bristle brush to restore softness. For the best color results, always choose a shade of Spray It darker than the upholstery you wish to paint.

Spray It works great on both indoor and outdoor upholstery, even cellular shades! Spray It is even fade-resistant, allowing you to leave outdoor furniture in full sun without worrying about fading color. Spray It is stable in extreme temperatures and water resistant. While other fabric paints may require special cleaning, you can wash any upholstery treated with Spray It like you would normal upholstery fabric.

Using Spray It is as easy as using regular spray paint and even has a specially-designed nozzle and trigger for the best possible application. Unlike other fabric paints that have strong, offensive odors and are potentially toxic for both you and the environment, Spray It is non-toxic and has a very mild scent.

Upholstery treated with Spray It will be ready-to-go in 72 hours. Update a room in a weekend or turn a thrift store find into the perfect fit for your home. With Spray It new fabric paint, any room makeover is possible on a budget!

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