How Much Fabric Spray To Use On A Chair?

If you want to spray paint a chair in your home, you have probably wondered how much upholstery fabric paint is needed for such a project. This depends on the type and size of chair you wish to spray paint. However, if the can of paint is eight ounces, use this simple guide for spraying your chair:

One can will cover three office sized chairs
One can will cover a small armchair
Three cans will be required to cover a small cubicle
Six cans will be needed for a normal sized recliner

Before you begin your project, try to estimate how many cans of upholstery fabric paint you will need. Order at least one more can than you think you need, especially if you have never spray painted a chair before. If you have extra paint, you can keep it on hand for touch ups in the future and you will not have to worry about matching the color. Remember that if you are painting a fabric covered chair, it may require more paint than a wooden chair.
The first thing you should when you want to spray paint your chair is test a small, inconspicuous area of the chair. If you are painting a light colored chair a darker color, there should be no issues. However, trying to turn a darker colored chair into a lighter colored chair can present some difficulties.
Paint the chair in stages. Each coat should be only a light coat, and should be allowed to dry for fifteen to twenty minutes before the next coat is applied. While some people may find this procedure tedious, it is the best way to apply an even coat, and it will make your cans of upholstery fabric paint last longer.

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