How To Paint Fabric

If you’re sick of your upholstered furniture or want to add some life to your wardrobe, painting fabric may be right for you! One of the easiest and most versatile methods of painting fabric is by using fabric spray paint. Using spray paint for fabrics on all of your redecorating projects is a quick and easy way to take your fabrics from plain to eye catching. Here are some of the benefits of using fabric spray paint.

1. Versatility- Spray paints made specifically for fabrics, such as Simply Spray, are very versatile. They can be used on just about any fabric surface, including furniture, and you’ll be in complete control of your project. Spray a little for a pretty embellishment, or spray a lot for a total transformation- the possibilities are endless!

2. Affordability- Fabric spray paints can save you tons of money. If your patio furniture is faded and dated, or your couch is out of style, spray painting your fabric can save you the cost of new furniture, while still making your pieces seem new again.

3. Creativity- Let your creative juices flow and have some fun with a can of Simply Spray today! Painting your fabrics can make a real fashion statement and allow your inner creativity to shine.

Painting fabric is a simple process. Just pick out a fabric item that you wish to restore, such as a canvas bag, old couch, or stained jeans, and get going! Be sure to cover your work space with plastic or an old sheet, since fabric paints are permanent, hold the can 6-8 inches from the surface of your project, and spray away! For even coating, it’s a good idea to spray multiple light layers rather than one heavy layer. Using spray paint to transform fabrics is a versatile and unique way to change the appearance of your old furniture or clothes. Relax, have fun, and enjoy yourself! The possibilities for your old fabrics are limited only by your imagination.

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