How to Paint Upholstery

Rather than discarding old, boring furniture, you can drastically change the look of it by applying upholstery fabric paint. This paint is a special type of spray paint that adds color to any absorbent upholstered fabrics.

The first thing you must decide before painting your upholstery is what color to use. You can choose any paint color as long as it is darker than the current upholstery color. Next, make sure you have purchased a sufficient quantity of paint. Instructions on the label let you know approximately how much a can of paint will cover.

When you are ready to paint, move the furniture outdoors or open windows to the room for adequate ventilation. Upholstery fabric paint is non-toxic and safe to use indoors, however, if you are sensitive to chemicals it is wise to open windows simply as a precaution.

Place drop cloths or plastic sheeting over nearby floors, grass, shrubs, or other items for protection from the paint spray. Shake the can up and down several times before spraying to mix the paint. Remove the tab at the top of the spray can and then spray a test area. Choose a small, discrete area of the upholstery for testing the product. The purpose of the test is to make sure that the upholstery will absorb it and to see how it will feel when dry.

When you are ready to paint the whole item, shake the can again. Spray the upholstery in a slow and even, horizontal sweeping motion while holding the can approximately eight inches away from the fabric surface. This aids in distributing the upholstery fabric paint evenly over the upholstered surface. If you get paint on other items or your skin, wash it easily away with soap and water before it dries.

After you have finished, allow the upholstery fabric paint to dry thoroughly before you use the furniture.

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