How to Fabric Paint

Use Simply Spray upholstery fabric paint to update your furniture and make it look brand new. Simply Spray upholstery fabric paint can be used on indoor and outdoor furniture, cushions, carpets, curtains as well as vehicle, boat and RV interiors. Reupholstering is extremely expensive, so save money and spray it new with fabric paint.

Simply Spray will only work on absorbent fabric. Test the fabric’s absorbency by sprinkling some water on it. If the water gets absorbed, the fabric can be painted. Next, pick a discreet area and spray it with the fabric to test the results and to make sure the paint gets absorbed. If you are satisfied, continue to the next step.

Choose a work area that is well-ventilated. Simply Spray is non-toxic and safe to use indoors. Cover the work area and wear protective clothing if necessary. Vacuum the furniture to remove any dust and debris. Cover any areas that won’t be painted.

For best results, spray the item with multiple light coats. Don’t spray too close to the surface. Working further away will ensure that the paint is applied lightly and over a larger area. Let each coat dry for approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Let the completed item dry for at least 72 hours before use. Once it’s dry, brush it out with a soft bristle brush or rag to soften the fabric.


There are so many creative ways to spray it new with fabric paint. Use stencils to add an interesting feature or pattern to your furniture. Mix it up by using different colors. Simply Spray upholstery fabric paint comes in a range of modern colors from burnt orange to Caribbean blue. Just remember, Simply Spray can only be used on lighter colors and make them darker and not the other way around.

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