Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint provides an economical alternative to replacing dated and faded upholstered furniture. The non-toxic fabric paint is safe for humans, pets and the environment and can be used on absorbent indoor and outdoor furniture. Simple preparation and application plus easy clean-up make this project fun for the whole family.

Clean and Prep Item

Before using upholstery fabric paint, vacuum the fabric and for lightly or heavily soiled items, clean the furniture’s upholstery with a soft scrub brush, cotton towel and mild detergent. Allow sufficient time to dry before painting. After item is dry, tape or cover areas of furniture to protect from over-spray.

Choose Color

Keep in mind that Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint is not opaque. The color of paint must be darker than the color of the furniture’s original design. Additionally, prints on the original fabric may be slightly visible after the final coat of paint.

Test the Fabric

Spray a small test area on the upholstered item. Allow to dry for 72 hours and then, using a small cotton cloth, rub the test-painted area vigorously to check for color permanance.

Apply Paint

Work in small sections when using upholstery paint. Apply light coats of paint using long flowing strokes while moving the spray across the fabric. Allow the paint to dry 20 minutes each time before applying additional coats. Apply up to several coats. When finished painting final coat, allow the fabric to dry for at least 72 hours. Areas such as seams or folds may need additional drying time.

Condition Upholstery

After the fabric is completely dry, use a piece of terry cloth and gently rub the fabric to lightly loosen dried paint particles and to restore the soft texture of the material’s nap. For stiff areas, due to excessive paint, use a coarse brush to restore pliability to the fabric.