How To Spray Paint Fabric Lamp Shades

Finding a lamp shade to fit your unique personality and home decor can be difficult. Fortunately, creating your own customized lamp shade is simple with spray fabric upholstery paint. With a few steps, you can have a lamp shade that coordinates with the colors in your home and adds to the atmosphere in any room instead of taking away from it.

1. Remove any dust from the lamp shade, and then wipe it with a slightly damp cloth. Let the lamp shade dry completely before you paint it.

2. Cover your work space with a layer of newspaper or drop cloth. Be sure you choose an area with plenty of air circulation and ventilation for your work area.

3. To avoid getting paint on the inside of the lamp shade, use masking tape to attach a piece of plastic wrap in order the cover the inside of the shade.

4. Set the lamp shade upright in the center of the covered work area. Lightly spray the outside of the lamp shade with upholstery fabric paint until it is completely covered. You can spray the lamp shade with a second light coat until it is the color you want.

5. Your painted lamp shade will be dry to the touch within approximately one hour. After it has dried to the touch, remove the plastic wrap protection from the inside of the shade and move the lamp shade to an area where it can sit to dry completely.

6. Let your lamp shade set for three days to dry completely before using it. Check that the paint is completely absorbed into the fabric shade before placing it on a lamp.

7. After your lamp shade is completely dry, you can add other embellishments to your fabric shade to give it an even more customized appearance. Try adding tassels, beads, and other touches to coordinate with your home

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