How to Change the Color of Fabric on Furniture

Redecorating a room often requires changing the furniture in order to fit the new color scheme. Because furniture is expensive to replace, it is better to simply change the color of the fabric on the furniture. Fortunately, this can be easily accomplished by refinishing furniture with fabric spray paint to create a completely new look.

In order to change the color of fabric on furniture, there are a few simple guidelines that should be followed in order to ensure that it will look natural and last a long time. First, it is important to select a color that is darker than the original one. For example, a yellow chair can be transformed into a blue one by refinishing furniture with fabric spray paint. However, a black chair should not be turned into a yellow one. This is to ensure an evenly sprayed color change.

Another important thing to know is that any pieces of the furniture that are not fabric should be covered in order to avoid getting the fabric spray on them. Then, the workspace should also be carefully covered to make sure that the paint does not get on any of the other furniture in the room. Fabric spray paint can be used inside, but it is important to protect the other surfaces of the room. For example, unless a person wants to have their carpet change colors too, then they will need to spread out some plastic. Fabric spray paint will not come off of other fabrics easily.

When the furniture is painted, it will need to dry for at least three days before being put back to regular use. Once it is dry, then the paint will not come off when people sit down. Fabric spray paint is very durable. Therefore, it can also be used outdoors to give the front and backyard an entirely new look. By using fabric spray paint, the color of furniture can be changed to reflect the decorating scheme of any room quickly and easily with only a few simple sprays.

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