How to Spray Paint on Fabric

Upholstery fabric spray paint can be used on a variety of surfaces to either touch up a color or turn it into a completely different shade. Fortunately, using upholstery paint is a simple process that requires very little preparation and work, yet yields major results. In order to update the look of any type of fabric, it is important to follow a few simple steps.

First, it is important to choose the material that a person wishes to update. Because fabric spray paint can be used both indoors and outside, it is possible to paint anything from clothing to lawn furniture. Once the item has been selected, then it will be necessary to decide how much painting will be needed. While the paint can be used to merely complete a touch-up, most people find that doing a full painting has the best results.

Next, the color of upholstery paint will need to be selected. This color can be completely different from the object

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