How to Use Simply Spray Fabric Paint

You’ve decided that it’s time to vamp up that old couch of yours or to give your carpet a makeover, and you’ve purchased the Simply Spray fabric paint with which to do so. Now that you have it, how do you use it?

First of all, be sure to read the bottle and the packaging for any details that are specific to the can of paint that you’ve purchased. Now, cover the surrounding area with an old sheet so that other items do not become painted. You should also put on some old clothes in the event that the paint gets on you. Do a test patch first to be sure that the color is what you expected. Remember, these paints only work for going darker, not for going to a lighter color.

When you’re ready to begin spraying, hold the can approximately six to eight inches away from the fabric to be sprayed. You want to pull the trigger back far and maintain heavy pressure throughout the spraying process. Try to cover the entire area with a light coat as opposed to just dousing one area with an excessive amount of the spray. Coat the item several times to ensure that the color that you want is in there. Once you have finished the spraying process, wait 72 hours before you attempt to wash the fabric. You do not want the color to come out or fade.

After the process is complete, you may very well have some paint left in the can. Be certain that the trigger is in the off position so that paint does not come randomly spurting out. It’s permanent paint, so it can stain any type of material that it gets on. The can should also be placed lying on its side, and the nozzle is to be cleaned between each use.

Remember to read the can for any other specific directions.

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