One way to show your creativity is by changing the look of your furniture or the upholstery in your vehicle. Your imagination will shine as you paint those tired looking couches a cheerful new color, not to mention it will also enhance the entire room.

As the products are non-toxic, free of fumes and non-flammable, they are safe. Among the products available are Leather Dye, Upholstery Fabric Paint, and Vinyl Cote, covering a wide variety of fabrics and surfaces.

Furthermore there are many colors to choose from. Caribbean Blue, Sage Green, Charcoal Grey, Bright Red, and many more.

Specifically, Vinyl Cote is a dye that stays permanent, featuring UV protection which will assure that the color will last a long time. It is suitable for both furniture and car interiors. Spray it new with fabric paint!

Leather can sometimes be difficult to maintain, especially after years of use. Leather Cote will restore your interior and exterior surfaces to excellent quality and give a new and exciting look to your car seats or furniture.

Upholstery Fabric Paint can be used for a variety of uses around the house. For instance, a curtain can change the entire appearance of any room based on how it looks. So make the room lively by spraying the curtain with Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint. It will make the room cheerful and inviting. In addition, by spraying that frumpy, old couch you are giving it a new lease on life. Spray it new with fabric paint. The paint will not fade and it will be long lasting. An old rug can be given a new personality by painting it or taping a pattern- endless possibilities!

It is not necessary to spend thousands of dollars on a professional who may not do the job to your satisfaction , simply spray it new with fabric paint, save money and have peace of mind.