What Is Spray On Fabric Paint?

Spray-on fabric paint is paint that you can spray directly on your fabrics. Whether you just want a fresher look for some of the furniture in your house or you’ve come into some pieces of furniture that are badly in need of sprucing up, spray-on fabric paint is far simpler and less expensive than reupholstering and still produces fabulous results.

When using Simply Spray Fabric Upholstery Paint, you need to go from light to dark, meaning you should choose a Simply Spray color darker than the fabric you’re spraying it over for the best results. You should spray slowly and steadily, and you will get better results if you do a couple of coats of the paint. Simply Spray is nontoxic, and you’ll notice as you use it that it also does not have a strong odor, unlike regular spray paints. It’s a water-based paint, so if you get any on you while spraying, it’s easy enough to remove. It’s also nonflammable.

One of the best and most creative uses for Simply Spray Fabric Upholstery Paint is in stenciling. Simply choose a stencil that you like, and you can create designs on pillows, lampshades, curtains or any other fabric. If you’ve wanted to create some fun new designs for your house but despaired because you aren’t as crafty as you’d like to be, this is a great place to start.

You might be concerned that spraying paint onto fabric would cause it to be uncomfortable to the touch. Who wants to sleep on a paint-covered pillow, after all? But once you’ve sprayed the paint onto fabric and it’s had a chance to dry, you’ll be pleased to note that the fabric has the same feel as untreated material.

Simply Spray is a fun product that helps you create winning new looks without spending lots of time and money getting there!

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