Can I Use Simply Spray Project Paint?

Customer Question:
I have a living room set I want to turn red and lawn furniture I want to paint turquoise. Is this possible with Simply Spray Project Paint?

Question Details:
We are painting our living room walls a light yellow color and our furniture is tan and will not match the new look at all. The couch and chairs are all still very functional, and I would like to continue using them. So, instead of throwing them out and buying all new ones, I am hoping to use Simply Spray Project Paint to change the couch to a beautiful red. This will match perfectly with our whole color scheme. I also want to change my faded lawn furniture from white to turquoise since I found out that this fabric spray paint does not fade. That was really just a whim. With all this said, are both projects possible?

Simply Spray It Answer:
Yes! Simply spray it with fabric paint. This fabric spray paint works on any upholstery fabric that is water absorbent. This includes chairs, sofas, and pillows. As long as the fabric on your furniture is absorbent, it will look great after you spray the fabric. It is non-toxic, so you will not have to worry about children or pets being around the painted fabric. The colors also work over lighter original colors, so your color scheme is perfect for this product. It is easy to use due to the patented spraying mechanism, and clean up will be no problem. Just make sure you have a safe area to paint these projects in. When you simply spray it with fabric paint, the paint dries in 72 hours, so you can resume using the indoor and outdoor furniture soon after the objects have been sprayed. It also will not rub off on your clothing, so after the proper drying time, you can use them with no worries.

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