Spray it new fabric paint is a fantastic way to refresh old furniture with a brighter color. It can be used on both indoor and outdoor furniture such as chairs, couches and footstools. While it is often used to provide a touch-up to faded fabrics and furniture, it can also be used to provide a complete color change to help a furniture piece to coordinate with other home decorations. Additionally, the furniture spray paint comes in vinyl and leather formulas that can be used on materials other than traditional fabric.

Using spray it new fabric paint is a simple process that requires only a small amount of preparation beforehand. It is important to ensure that furniture pieces are clean in order to allow for the best coverage. Additionally, some work areas may need to be covered in order to protect any other items that may be around the furniture piece being painted.

Fabric paint can be used both inside and outside in order to provide the most convenient way to refresh faded furniture. Inside, the spray can be used with very little ventilation. While some people may prefer to open a window, the spray has a pleasant scent that should not be a problem for most people. Outside, the spray should be used in an area that is free from wind so that dust and dirt will stay off of the furniture while it is drying. Additionally, the furniture should be protected from getting wet until it has completely dried.

Many outdoor pieces of furniture have removable cushions that can be easily painted with the fabric paint. Indoor furniture may have a few accessorizing pieces that should be covered before painting. Once all of these areas have been protected, then the paint can be sprayed evenly across the material. Fabric spray pain is ideal for furniture as it is washable, withstands frequent use and can even be outdoors. By using the fabric spray, anyone can give their furniture an entirely new look that is unique to their home decor.