If the living room or den is starting to look tired, clearly it is time for a little rejuvenation. Spray-painting your couch may not occur to most people. It is out of the box thinking. That is how we like it. The key is to find a product that works on the distinctive fabric found on couches.

Test It First

Not all couches will benefit from a spray-on paint such as Spray It New. The fabric must be able to absorb the paint or it will roll right off. Check to see if the upholstery absorbs water before beginning. Add a couple drops of clear water on the arm and watch what it does. If the water beads and then rolls away, the couch is not a candidate for painting.

For a second test, spray the tint of your choice in an inconspicuous area on the couch. This allows you to preview the color choice. It will also give you an idea if the couch will respond well to fabric paint.

Picking a Color

Picking the right tint for the couch is a critical step in the project. Think dark over light when making your selection. The color you are spraying should be darker than the original hue of the couch. You can paint is light brown couch with burgundy, however that is the wrong shade for a black sofa.

It takes approximately 12-8oz. cans to color one average sized sofa. You can save yourself frustration by buying a little extra just in case you need it. If you are coloring a matching recliner, plan on a minimum of 18 cans.

Spray painting your couch