How can I effectively dye my bedsheets?

Bedsheets can be expensive! If you have old sheets with color so faded you would rather see them in the trash can, perhaps you can bring them back with a pop of color.

Create a design. You can easily cut a diamond out of cardboard or for advanced D.I.Y.ers, try an eccentric damask pattern. Also think about your color scheme and them of your room. For example, if you have light blue sheets and the rest of the room has different shades of blue, you wouldn’t necessarily want to pick Simply Spray Burnt Orange! (That is unless you’re a Florida Gators Fan!) Choose Simply Spray Navy for a contrasted POP!

First off, wash the sheets before hand and don’t use any fabric softener. Make sure you cover the area you are working in and wear your crafting clothes. (Just in case!) If you are tired of that light blue, then first put down a layer of a different color. Try Simply Spray Plum! If you include this step, make sure to wait 24-72 hours for the first layer to dry. The may need some patience with the outer edges of the fitted sheets, so proceed with caution. Place your cardboard cut design on the fabric and spray away!

Children’s sheets are much less expensive if you buy solid colors. Create princess designs for a little girls bedsheets. To give it a bit more of a wow factor, create the same design, only bigger, for your pillow cases.

I am always stumped what to get a friend when they get married. Sure, blenders and toasters are practical. But to me, it says, ‘I’m sorry I don’t know you well enough to get you something you would really enjoy.’ Here’s the solution: Buy brand new solid color sheets. Cut out words that say ‘His’ and ‘Hers’. Voila!

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