Spray paint just makes covering large surface areas easier. There is no point in taking the time out of your day to paint large projects by hand when spray paint allows you to spend less time painting and more time enjoying your awning, umbrella, or other project. This may seem impossible since normally these items are made of fabric, but now the option of fabric spray paint is available. Upholstery fabric paint makes changing the color of objects with upholstery very easy.

This paint requires only a few guidelines to be followed. Upholstery fabric paint works best on light colors. It would be very difficult to paint a charcoal grey umbrella light yellow. However, the paint does not cause fabric to stiffen, so it is great for pieces of furniture with functional fabric. Awnings that have faded can be brightened to their original state with fabric spray paint. The paint is also UV ray resistant, so objects can be out in the sun for extended periods of time. With this feature, it is also very useful for outdoor furniture.

Upholstery fabric paint can give any fabric a whole new look. The can is made with a patented mechanism for easy application, so painting with it takes as little time as possible. The paint does not have an odor, so people who are painting inside do not need to worry about leaving an offensive smell in the house. Since the paint leaves fabric as flexible as it originally was and dries after 72 hours, there is no risk of the paint rubbing off on clothing or personal items after the drying period. The spray comes in a wide variety of colors to match every person’s fabric coloring needs. These colors will look beautiful on any material that is absorbent. Waterproof fabrics will not be colored correctly. This fabric spray is safe for use on objects around pets and children because it is non-toxic.