Does Your RV Need A Makeover? Check Out Simply Spray!

Although RVs are vehicles, the expense and upkeep involved in owning and maintaining them makes them more like a home than the family car or truck. Most people who own RVs will not consider buying a new one just because their current RV begins to look a bit dated or drab. However, a few weekends, some creativity and the right tools can turn your RV’s interior to charming, retro or entirely unique without the prohibitive cost of a comprehensive remodel.

Fixing cosmetic issues on RVs often has to be postponed in favor of the RV’s mechanical maintenance. Replacing carpet, old paneling, wallpaper and furniture is usually prohibitively expensive. Instead of replacing the carpet, for instance, you can simply spray it with fabric paint to cover an old, boring color. By using paints to redesign your RV’s interior, you have a nearly limitless range of design choices, since you have complete control over color, patterns and motifs.

Stencils are the easiest way to personalize a room, and you can use these stencils on different parts of the room. This will allow you to paint a matching motif on walls and accents like pillows, for instance. RVs can sometimes feel more like mobile hotel rooms than a home-away-from-home: comfortable, but bland. Even by adding just one personal touch such as a repeated motif, you can give your RV a sense of unity that can enhance its coziness. You can cut your own stencils from stiff paper or cardboard. They are also available for purchase in craft stores. Simply spray it with fabric paint at regular intervals to create a repeated effect on a sofa, carpet or comforter. You may also want to use a single large stencil to render a dramatic design on a piece of furniture that can form the focal point of your room.

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