Too Many Stains On Your Carpet? Our Upholstery Carpet Spray Paint Can Help

Anyone with kids or pets is bound to have encountered carpet stains. Even without kids or pets around, it is easy to spill coffee or other liquids on carpet. As everyone knows, the minute the carpet cleaner is out the door, a spill is inevitable. What should you do with a carpet that is so stained you have given up on it?
The solution is to use Spray It New Fabric Paint to cover all of the stains and give the entire room a fresh new look. Replacing carpet can be expensive and time consuming, but using our upholstery carpet spray paint is affordable and fast. Plus, it is non-toxic and non-flammable, so you will not have to worry about children and pets getting sick from your redecorating project.
Spray It New Fabric Paint is an innovative type of spray paint that can be used to cover upholstery, carpets, and area rugs. You simply choose the color, or colors, that you wish to use, and spray the area that needs to be covered. One of the greatest benefits to doing this is the ability to spray paint a new design on an old carpet. It doesn

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