If you’re looking out at your patio and seeing worn out looking patio furniture, faded from the suns strong rays and dingy and weathered looking, there is a very easy fix for that. And it is much closer than you might think. You can use a new outdoor furniture fabric paint from simply spray to restore and rejuvenate that furniture and make it look new again.

Easy to use, simply spray outdoor furniture fabric paint works wonders to refresh fabrics. Cover up the worn look with several coats of fabric paint, sprayed on lightly and allowed to dry between each coat, and soon you can be looking out at fresh and new looking patio furniture!

Simply spray is easy to use, safe to use around pets and kids and everyone else in the family, dries quickly and its propellant is environmentally safe. In fact, the propellant is a food-safe propellant. Once the fabric paint is fully dry on your furniture cushions, it will not rub off on clothing when you or your family or guests sit on it.

Make any light-colored furniture cushions look new again by painting them a darker color. It’s always recommended to change a light color to a darker one instead of the other way around. Besides, darker colors are all the rage these days. Choose from beautiful colors like Hunter green and plum to update that old furniture and give it that wow factor again that attracted you to it in the first place.

Whether you want to paint chair cushions, outdoor pillows, awnings or outdoor lamp shades simply spray will work. Or, be more creative and change an outdoor coffee table into a bench by adding a newly sprayed and rejuvenated fabric cushion to the top of it. Your choices are limitless. With so many uses, everyone will love the results from using simply spray outdoor furniture fabric paint.