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Top 10 Tips to Keep in Mind When Using Fabric Paint

Spraying your favorite decorative and furniture pieces with fabric paint is a great way to update your living space without spending a fortune on redecorating. Although using paint for fabric is easy and convenient, there are a few tips you should keep in mind to get fantastic results and avoid making a mess.

1. Learn about the fabric you will be working with before you buy paint. Test a piece to figure out how much paint you need to get given the absorbency and texture of the fabric.

2. Clean your furniture before you spray it. Lint and dirt can make it difficult to coat the fabric evenly.

3. You don’t need to wear gloves. The spray can be easily removed from your hands with soap and warm water. However, you can work with gloves on if you prefer to keep your hands covered.

4. Clean the nozzle as you go along to remove excess paint that can block new paint from coming out.

5. Finish your project at your own pace. You don’t need to wait for Simply Spray to dry before applying additional layers.

6. Get creative. You can use different colors and paint on unique patterns to give your furniture and accessories a whole new look.

7. Use fabric paint to hide stains. Spraying it with upholstery paint is the easiest way to hide unattractive, old stains that can’t be removed with soap or stain removers.

8. Do touch-ups as you go. Don’t worry about getting everything right on your first try. You can cover up any spots that you miss or touch with your hands by spraying them again as you work on the rest of the fabric. The paint won’t look spotty or too saturated because it will dry evenly.

9. If you accidentally get some paint on your clothes, wash them immediately.

10. Use newspapers around the piece you are painting to make sure that you don’t stain your floor or other furniture.

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