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Taking Carpets from Blah to Beautiful

After years of being stomped on by muddy feet, rolled on by children who just played outdoors and pranced upon by litter ridden kitty feet, your carpet has taken a substantial beating throughout the years. However, maybe it has some deep sentimental value, or perhaps you just cannot afford a new carpet at this time. Instead of giving up, try Simply Spray carpet paint.
Available in a variety of colors to fit the carpet style, whether it’s bold and modern or charming and classic, this carpet spray dries approximately 72 hours after application. Simply gate off the area for a few days so that no one walks on your work of art, and return to a beautiful new carpet. Even better? Spray on the paint, leave for a three day long vacation and come home to a room that looks as though it was entirely redone.
Even when you and your family members walk over the carpet, the carpet paint will not fade, as it is permanent. Remember though, you must thoroughly cover any couches, fabric and other materials in the surrounding area, or they’ll wind up matching your new carpet! Generally, these sprays need to be used to turn a lighter color into a darker color because of the way the paint works. Therefore, this is the perfect opportunity to take a beach living room with a light blue carpet into a more romantic space with a deep burgundy or a bold red shade. By changing the color of the carpet, you’re changing the entire feeling of the room. You can even change the color of a large throw rug and put it into another room to match. Simply Spray carpet paint allows so many possibilities for dressing up that old carpet that has been haunting you for months.

Faded Furniture? Try Simply Spray!

How long have you been looking at your fading furniture, be it your couch, chairs or even your rug, and longed for something new and colorful to take its place? For some people, it’s easy to pluck down the cash (or credit) for shiny new furniture; for most of us, it’s a faraway thought as we lazy on the loveseat longing for the food and pet stains to disappear.

Luckily, a new product is on the market that gives new meaning to replacing your fading furniture. Simply Spray is an innovative upholstery fabric spray that literally transforms your old pieces into new. While it may look like a can of spray paint, Simply Spray is made to use on the fabric pieces in your home.

Best used to change lighter fabrics into darker colors, Simply Spray can transform your couches, chairs, lampshades, pillows, rugs and carpets – anything made of an absorbent material. Featured on The Today Show, Simply Spray is an inexpensive way to update your place with the new color trends you see in magazines and online. Non-flammable, fume-free and safe for kids and pets, this quick-drying spray can turn your fading furniture and home accessories into bursting pops of color: orange, periwinkle, green, plum, red and more!

Using Simply Spray is a fun way to update your place, especially for those renters who don’t have the ability to paint walls and purchase their own carpet. Cheaper than buying new furniture, it is a fun way to play with color that gives quick results. Simply Spray is a great way to not only update and add spunk to your place, but to cover up the stains and wear that old, fading furniture hold on to.

Take on a new home project with Simply Spray and add some color to your life and some life to your furniture!

Painting Furniture Black

There is no easier way to transform outdated and dull furniture into sophisticated and glamorous décor than painting it black. With a quick spray-on coat of black upholstery fabric paint you can achieve a contemporary look in about 30 minutes. Black, whether used in small accents or as a bold focal point, adds instant chicness to any existing design. As a neutral shade it seamlessly fits into every color scheme and works to enhance it. Modern black furniture sells for top dollar so why not revive your present furniture for a tiny fraction of the cost by spraying it new with Simply Spray black upholstery fabric paint?

Any absorbent piece of furniture or décor can be revitalized with Simply Spray paint. Sofas, carpets, car seats, lampshades, cushions, patio umbrellas, and more all have the potential for a glamorous black makeover. Black upholstery fabric paint works on both indoor and outdoor furniture. Because it does not have the strong chemical odor that most other paints give off, Simply Spray paint is safe to use inside of your home or car. It is both nontoxic and nonflammable so you do not have to worry about using it around pets or children. Needing only 30 minutes to dry, your furniture will be ready to use again in no time!

Simply Spray fabric paint is formulated for stain and UV protection to ensure your newly redecorated furniture and décor will stay looking great. For only a few dollars, minimal effort, and little time, you can have classically sophisticated black furnishings that will not fade or break the bank. Black always has been and always will be in style. Give your home, inside or outside, that touch of glam with a coat of chic black paint. Get the top of the line designer style without paying top of the line designer prices by simply spraying your furniture new.

Clean carpet color on the way!

Like any fair minded man who’s been brave enough to have carpet in a house with kids, I understood that stains were on the way. The only way to avoid that would be making my kids eat outside all the time. Which crossed my mind. We’d just call it a picnic!

So obviously in no time there were juice stains, jelly stains, spaghetti stains, spit up stains, mud stains… and those were just from me. You don’t want to know what my kids got on the carpet.

There’s only so much cleaning you can do to fabric before it starts to appear pretty discolored. One misapplication of bleach and, well, suddenly your carpet looks like a dalmatian. But what to do?

I couldn’t just buy new carpet. For one, that’s just too expensive, and two, not that I agree with the rationale that there’s no point in cleaning something that’s just going to get dirty again, but come on. This isn’t a question of commitment. This is an IQ test at its most subtle.

Thank the stars I found Spray it New! Not only could I forget about feeling like a slouch whenever I invited people over and saw the expression of outright horror on their faces at the sight of my carpet – and believe me, if you saw some of their homes, you’d understand just how bad my carpet had become – but thanks to all the stencil options Spray it New offers, I could treat my kids to some awesome design ideas. We’re even looking for ways to create our own stencils so we can be the first family on the block to have dinosaur patterned carpet. Then there will be a look of horror on our guests’ faces… but only because they realize they’re walking across a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

Turn your boat into a ship

I’m not alone in my lifelong desire to live the good life. That means a nice house, a nice wife, a nice family, a nice set of golf clubs, and maybe I’m asking for too much, but a nice boat would just complete the picture perfectly for me. I wanted the kind of boat I could show off to my friends, take my family out on Sunday swim outings, and maybe even take my wife away for a private anniversary getaway.

So I worked hard and put enough money back to check out local Craigslist ads and pick up a nice used boat for my family to take out on the lake.

I found the boat. Not so much the nice.

It floated. And the motor worked. And the sail was in one piece. But the boat had definitely seen its share of days out in the sun.

Everything from the cushions ondeck to the chairs down below had been badly bleached by the sun. They were discolored in some spots, and completely uncolored in others.

Were my dreams of showing off my boat to my friends over? Would I have to endure vitiligo jokes made at my boat’s expense? Would I be better off taking my wife to Waterworld than putting her on my ivory bleached boat cushions?

No! Not once I discovered Spray it New!

Those ondeck cushions that looked like someone had tried to cover up the stains with whiteout? Those below deck chairs that you wondered had they started off red and been left in the sun too long… or had they been white and someone had soaked them in grape juice?

Problem solved. Spray it New had colors for every fabric surface that needed touching up or outright recoloring. The repair was perfect. After hearing so many of my friend’s ask me why I splurged on new fabric across the board, I couldn’t be happier.

How To Use Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint

Looking for a way to revamp that old couch or repair a favorite leather armchair but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to have it sent away for reupholstering? With Simply Spray Upholstery Repair with Fabric Paint, you can affordably do it yourself in just a few short hours!

Has all the color faded from your patio furniture? No worries! Simply Spray Upholstery Repair with Fabric Paint is sun-safe for outdoor sets! You can repaint the patio chairs, couches, shade umbrellas, and awnings for an incredible, weather resistant, brand new look!

You can use our Simply Spray Upholstery Repair with Fabric Paint to change the color of a shirt, a dog bed, or a couch; it’s extremely versatile and effective—and non-toxic! If you get it on your skin during painting, just wash it away with warm soapy water. It’s that easy! That means this wonderful product is safe for indoor or outdoor use, around your children, around your pets, and dries fully in 72 hours, with no risk of color bleeding onto your clothes.

Our amazing product uses a patented spray mechanism unlike what is found in typical spray paints, meaning that you won’t have to battle stinky gases and fumes. There is no lingering odor, just a pleasant smell of cleanliness! After application it will blend perfectly into any water-absorbent fabric — no stiff, sticky couches to worry about.

Simply Spray Upholstery Repair with Fabric Paint is just as washable as your other upholstered fabrics, no chipping or dissolving will occur once the paint has been applied and dried. That means you won’t be concerned with the paint bleeding into your other fabrics that might come into contact with your newly painted couches, patio sets, or clothing.

Simply Spray Upholstery Repair with Fabric Paint is machine washable, too. After letting it dry fully, you can toss it in separately for the first wash and blend it with your color loads for every wash after!

Champagne Makeover on a Milk-Money Budget!

Have budget limitations put a damper on your plans to upgrade your space? Is new furniture out of the picture for now? You’re in good company! Many of us have put off making the home decor changes we’d like due to the expense involved, however; big changes are more affordable than you may think! Room decor is all about COLOR! Walls, furniture, and accessories are all fair game for a color makeover! A main components of any room is the furniture. Let’s take the livingroom for example. Let’s say you have a light blue sofa and loveseat set that screams 1985 at you day in and day out. You’re not willing to go into debt for new furniture and,despite the color, this set of furniture is well made and comfortable! You’ll never bring your room up to date with the set in it’s current state, so why not paint them? Yes,that’s right, I said PAINT them! As long as you paint the set a darker color than what it currently is, Spray It New fabric paint could be your answer! Spray It New fabric paint can be used on any absorbent material with no worries about making fabric feel stiff or having color come off on clothing. If you follow the product instructions correctly, your furniture can be a real asset to your new color scheme instead of the eyesore that it was! You may be surprised at the variety of Spray it New fabric paint colors that are available. Choosing a neutral shade for your sofa and loveseat will make it easy for you to choose colorful accents and accessories that will ‘pop’ against a neutral background. Feeling more adventurous? Lavender stands out when paired with browns and greens…..lavender sofa anyone? Spray It New fabric paint is an option that won’t break the bank, but may very well break up the monotony!

Can You Paint Upholstery Fabric

Couches, chairs, sofas and any other item covered with upholstery fabric can safely and easily be sprayed to a different color by using spray-on fabric paint. It is non-toxic, safe to use around children and pets and will leave furniture with a soft surface. And it will not rub off on clothing. Any type of furniture can be given a brand new look and be beautifully rejuvenated by choosing a pretty shade of fabric paint.

Upholstery paint is recommended for use in a shade that is darker than the original color for the best results. It can even be used in the interiors of cars, boats or RV’s to make their interiors look new again. Bring a dull looking sofa or chair back to new life by simply using spray-on fabric and upholstery paint. Let your creativity shine in the color you choose and in the unique look that only you can bring to your furniture by spray painting it!

Now bargain priced furniture can be given a whole new lease on life and can save hundreds of dollars over expensive brand new furniture. Why invest in brand new furniture when bargain priced furniture can simply be spray painted to make it look new again? Match pieces perfectly that didn’t match before without having to spend a lot on a matching set.

Using spray-on upholstery and fabric paint is fun and easy to do by following a few simple steps. It makes a fantastically creative craft project for a weekend and the result is a new looking living room or any room the furniture will be used in. Furniture will look new again and only you will know how inexpensive and fun it was to create that new look. Have fun, save money and have a brand new set of furniture for just a fraction of the cost by rejuvenating it with fabric paint.

Spray it New made our car new to us!

My wife and I bought a brand new (to us) car just over two years ago. It was used, so of course we expected some wear and tear to show on the interior in general and the upholstery in particular. We were right.

The upholstery in our used car was simple soft fabric that had seen its share of unintended use. We’re guessing the previous owners liked to eat out a lot but chronically forgot to ask for napkins. And really, what’s a driver to do when he’s got Arby’s sauce rolling down his chin towards his t-shirt except bend down quickly and wipe his lips on the passenger seat’s upholstery?

I kid, but it’s true. The number of stains stretched across the upholstery was just about enough to wonder what the original color had ever been.

But you know, we just accepted this as part of the price of owning a vehicle we could afford.

Would you believe we were wrong?

We discovered Spray It New and now not only does each seat’s upholstery look brand new, not only do they all match, but if we ever forget to ask for napkins and there’s barbecue sauce rolling down our chin’s… we’re not completely up the creek.

The best part was that because we were basically picking the color we wanted for our seat upholstery, we could pick our favorite from any of Spray it New’s many fabric repair colors. That was the hardest decision to make! We ended up choosing the Lavender color.

Another blogger has mentioned how easy it was to paint the seats once they discovered how to take the seats out of the car and paint them on a drop cloth and I can’t tell you what a great tip that is.

From one very happy new (to us!) car owner, give yourself the gift of new looking interior upholstery with Spray it New!

Can You Paint Furniture

Replacing furniture for a bedroom, living room, dining room, or home office can quickly add up to a large expense. Many people have favored pieces of furniture that they simply can’t part with, but due to age and everyday wear and tear, their beloved furniture does not look the greatest. Painting furniture with Simply Spray Upholstery products will help you to restore and rejuvenate your most treasured pieces of furniture.

Extending the life of fabric, vinyl, and leather furniture can be accomplished by sprucing up the items with high-quality furniture spray. Many people are familiar with the action of painting wooden and metal furniture such as tables, dressers, and chairs; but not everyone is aware that they can also use furniture spray on their favorite sofas, ottomans, chairs, and loveseats.

If you are searching for a way to remodel a room in your home, or several rooms in your home, while also remaining on a budget, consider painting furniture as a way to provide an entire new look without spending a huge amount of money. There is no need to worry about guests or extended family members being able to tell that you have painted your furniture. The paint goes on smoothly and evenly when applied according to the directions. It leaves a soft and resilient finish that does not come off on clothing, skin, or other items such as blankets and throw pillows.

No residue or odor remains once the paint has been applied and allowed to dry. Following the simple instructions and touching up your favorite leather, fabric, or vinyl furniture items can save you a tremendous amount of money that can be used to invest in new drapes, wall art, antique pieces, and vintage accessories to pull the look of the room together in an inviting and cohesive fashion.

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