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Upholstery Fabric Paint For Cars And Upholstery

Using Fabric Spray Paint in Your Home

We love our kids and our pets, but two thing that none of us appreciates are the wear and tear that our children, dogs and cats leave on sofas, chairs and cars. What was once a white couch or a light gray seat cushion, after years of use, is now an unpleasant shade of brown. Stains, dirt and water marks are all unsightly and the usual remedy is going to the local furniture store. Now, instead of living with these disagreeable color arrangements, families may refinish and repaint their furniture with fabric spray paint to restore their furniture new glow. Fabric spray paints are less messy and labor-intensive than your typical dye job and typically costs much less. Fabric spray paints are ideal when you have to quickly touch up a fabric and you dont have a lot of time or money budgeted for the job.

One of the most effective fabric spray paints on the market today is Simply Spray. While effective for the fabric on your sofas, chairs, curtains or car interiors and useful for both interior finishing pieces or for your outdoor patio furniture, this revolutionary spray may even be used on leather, wood and silk. Simply Spray sets in about an hour and only needs 72 hours before it is safe to wash (dont forget to turn it inside out before throwing into the washing machine). It is recommended that it be washed separately from the rest of your clothes the first time, and then washed with like colors after that.

Safety also seems paramount for Simply Spray. It is non-toxic and non-flammable and does not contain any harmful inhalants that you might find in other spray can products. Your kids can even use the paint. You may use this fabric paint too near the kitchen and on the patio as the paint wont rub off on your clothing, is food safe and is compliant with Federal regulations.

All in all, if you are looking to add a little pizzazz to your furniture or accessories, fabric spray paint is a great alternative.

Upholstery Fabric Paint Reviews

People all over simply love Simply Spray fabric paint. The loyal customer base for Simply Spray has given great testimonials for this product. Simply Spray is easily acknowledged as one of the best and easiest ways renew and brighten up faded fabric. People absolutely love using this amazing product to tackle and revitalize not only indoor furniture but also outdoor furniture, auto upholstery, clothing, and rugs, almost any natural fabric! It great for crafts too! People that have used Simply Spray in the past have had nothing but great things to say about it. Simply Spray has helped tons of people spruce up and save upholstered furniture when before the only other option would have been replacing the fabric through reupholstering. Users of this wonderful product also love how easy and fun it is for their kids to use. There are multiple applications and for the use of Simply Spray and its fun and easy to use. Premade kits come with easily understandable instructions. Parents with children that love this also love the fact that it will wash off with soap and water, so no mess! This is also a very safe product for both children and adults to use because it is non- toxic, non-flammable and is harmful fume free. Customers who are car enthusiasts are won over by how amazing Simply Spray is able to dramatically change their automobile upholstery. Thousands of people who have purchased and used this product to repair their upholstery and love it cant be wrong. Users of simply Spray attest to how much money and time using this product saves. They are saying that this product is most definitely easier and much more cost effective than having to reupholster! Simply spray has fast become recognized as the best fabric spray there is.


Upholstery Fabric Spray Paint From Simply Spray

New Business In Used Furniture

I am lucky enough to live on a piece of property with a large pole shed. My husband staked claim to half of it with his hobbies and I got the other half. My plan was to set the shed up and use it for the occasional garage-type sale and after a successful couple of sales, I was hooked. I started buying items from other garage and rummage sales and selling them in my portion of the shed, but one thing I was hearing constantly from the stream of customers checking out my sale, was that everyone was always looking for furniture.

I could refinish wood furniture, but the work was intense and could take a long time to complete. It was too labor-intensive for the amount I could sell it for. Old upholstered furniture was generally made quite well, but the fabrics and colors used were just not what anyone was looking for these days.

I decided to experiment a little on an old overstuffed chair I had in my basement, using upholstery fabric spray from Simply Spray. After painting the chair and letting it dry, I had my family test it. The color never transferred to clothing or skin, and even misting the chair with soap and water didnt affect the paint. I thought back on all of the furniture I had passed by at other sales because the colors were all wrong and knew with very little effort on my part, and a few cans of Simply Spray, I could give that furniture new life, get it into new homes, and make some money besides.

Knowing I had a great selection of colors at my fingertips, the next shopping trip I made to stock up on goods for my own sale, I was able to look past the odd colors and fabric patterns of the furniture I was seeing. I was able to pick up several chairs and sofas that I got for a song because few could see past the fabric, or were unwilling to pay for an expensive reupholstering job.

My renewed furniture is such a hit that I now take orders for custom pieces and really love the whole painting process. I have also been able to easily match the fabric spray colors to traditional paint colors to use on matching tables and other wood pieces.

Upholstery Fabric Paint

If you have ever found a great deal on an upholstered item which was beautifully crafted and the perfect design, but you did not like the color, you may have hesitated to buy it. Perhaps you also have an old rug or couch at home that you would like in a different color. There is a simple solution: spray paint for fabrics. This special formula will help you spruce up any fabric item in your home without reupholstering. It is an inexpensive and creative way to help yourself redecorate.

You can use this fabric paint to make any light fabric item a darker color. If you would like to get creative, you can use this paint with stencils to produce simple or elaborate patterns or images on your furniture, window treatments, or rugs.

Because fabric is so absorbent, it will not work properly with regular spray paint. It needs a special fabric paint in order to be coated evenly. This special paint also has UV protection to keep the newly painted item from fading in the sunlight. It also works with the texture of the fabric, so it will not be scratchy to sit on, walk over, or touch. Also, it is completely non-toxic, so you will not endanger anyones health with your decorating project.

If you are interested in using this fabric paint, you will need to determine how many cans to use. Take the size of whatever item you are working on into account--a large sofa will need a lot more than a small area rug. You should plan on about twelve cans to cover a couch. About six will be sufficient for the average recliner or easy chair. Even fewer will do for a small chair or stenciling project.

Once you have given your item a sufficient number of coats, let it dry. Your project is done!

Upholstery Fabric Paint That Will Liven Up your Home

Do you ever get the feeling your home could use a little pick me up? With today tough economy many people have had to sacrifice style for economy. There an easy fix however just pick up some Upholstery Fabric Paint That Will Liven Up your Home. Fabric paint comes in a variety of colors and types. Youre probably familiar with the paint that comes in jars and bottles but did you know you can also get spray paint? This spray on Fabric paint is great for bigger furniture and dries soft leaving your furniture as comfortable as ever.
You can use this paint to liven up your existing furniture or visit your local second hand store. Find a piece that comfortable but ugly youll find it priced to move. Take it home and set it on top of a little bit of news paper or on your front lawn and just spray it down. Itll take a few hours to dry and then youll have a vibrant piece of furniture that all your friends will envy. You can use fabric paint on couches, chairs, even lampshades to liven up your home in a way you never would have imagined.
There are lots of cute websites that will sell you interesting and brightly colored furniture but at double or triple the cost. Why pay more when you can put in minimal effort and end up with something beautiful and completely unique to you. Just because money is tight doesnt mean you have to live with drab furniture. Just redecorate its so easy you can even let your older kids help and make it a fun family activity! No one will believe the money you saved just doing it yourself. Paint your frames and walls to match if youd like and find yourself living in your dream home.

New Ideas For Upholstery Fabric Paint

It seemed as if we got news every single day that we were expecting ... again. Our bank account was dwindling at the same pace. We dreamed of a beautiful nursery that would hold our heir in style and comfort. Unfortunately, we had more vision than cash.
Our saving grace was a lot of courage and gobs of creativity. We inherited a crib, changing table, rocking chair and dresser from my sister. She had teenagers, so this stuff was just taking up room in her basement and attic. We were grateful for the gifts.
We did not know whether a prince or princess would be joining our tribe. That made it easier to decorate. We could choose a theme that pleased us. Both of us enjoy outdoor activities. The baby due date was smack dab in the middle of winter. We knew that we would be inside a lot of the time, so we decided to bring nature into our home. We made the ceiling a soft lemon yellow. The walls were a blue that made us feel happy. The floors had been refinished recently, so we were able to use soft green rugs to keep our bare feet toasty and warm.
Plain white sheets, towels and curtains are very inexpensive. We looked for pleasing designs on the Internet and created our own stencils. Rather than using fabric paint to cover all the fabric, we chose to add simple touches that tied all the pieces together. The names of baby animals caught our fancy. We marched fluffy yellow chicks in a row along the curtains borders. A curious fox kit peeped between the slats of the crib. A hedgehog piglet slept on the changing table cover. A lively colt pranced on the rocking chair cushion. Have you ever seen a kangaroo joey leap around a wall? Our child will! We were inspired.
We now keep a stash of fabric paint around the house at all times. Whenever we think of a new design, we grab our paint brushes, stencils and fabric. Our little darling clothes are getting decorated daily. The boring white onesies that come in packs of three are being transformed. Just yesterday, I added a penguin chick, a peacock peachick, a piglet, and a fawn to some clothes and hats. We have started making baby gifts to give to the friends we met at Lamaze class.
Perhaps we have created a cottage industry along with a line of descendants?

Update An Old Purse With Simply Spray

I was able to make my old purse look like new with my new Fabric Paint. My sister and used to love to collect purses when we were younger before we got married and hand kids. I had about three Coach purses, and about five Gucci bags. As my family grew, I knew that having nice purses was not as important as having food, so I decided to get rid of my favorite purses, I only kept two, and I had to sell the majority of my purses, even though it made me sad, I was able to do a lot with that money. I went to a garage sale last year with my kids, and I found an awesome Coach purse, and it was only for ten dollars. I just could not help myself, because even though the purse was old, it was not in bad shape. My sister saw the bag and she suggested to me that I buy some fabric paint, so that I could make it look better. She gave me the web address to a place that I could order the fabric paint from, so I took her suggestion. I bought the paint, and I painted the bag black. It looked great after I had finished painting it, and my sister even told me that it looked like new. I decided that I was not going to add that purse to my collection, because I needed to have a purse that I could use myself, so I use the purse for when I am running around. It still looks great on, and people always tell me that it looks like new. I am so happy that I was able to get the paint for my purse, because now I still have a cute purse and no one would ever know that I got it from a garage sale.

Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint

Simple spray upholstery fabric paint is a great way to paint or decorate your upholstery in a safe way. One of the best things about the simple spray is that it is fast and effective in its application process. One thing that is nice about simple spray fabric paint is that it is great for spraying on fabrics that you want to cover over the original upholsteries of furniture and other items, such as signs or any item you would like to paint a design on. It has a definite advantage over a brush which can lead to sloppy dripping; this product is smooth and efficient. It is available in a variety of colors which is very nice, because it gives the user of this unique product a lot of variety in terms of decoration. One coat of paint is typically sufficient with this product, making the whole process of applying the paint to the fabric quick and effective. This product can be used with stencils or any other method that one would like to use to paint on to a piece of fabric. One thing to keep in mind, is that this product has a lot of versatility. For example, you could use this product to decorate several pieces of upholstery and then switch them depending on the occasion at hand, simply make changes on fabric that is stabled on top of the furniture in question; this creates flexibility in your design capabilities and means your decorative possibilities have immeasurable potential. After spraying on this fabric paint, all you have to do is wait for it to dry and you are completely done. There is no need to use expensive or cumbersome dyes. If you would like to save time and money, I would certainly advise using this product.

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