A Few Projects To Spruce Up Your House

Have you ever wanted to change the color scheme of your furniture, but did not want the expense of buying new furniture or having your current furniture reupholstered. Now you have the option of using the innovative new product, Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint. This easy to use product will allow you to spray it new with fabric paint, so you can create a bold new look for your furnishings with a little time and your imagination. Some of the most common reasons for using upholstery fabric paint include simply changing the color scheme of your furniture, adding a pop.. Read More »

Fixing Old Upholstery

Do you have an incredibly comfortable sofa that just looks a little outdated and drab? Or a wonderful chair with a stain you can Read More »

Tired Of Your Outdoor Furniture? Change It With Simply Spray

If you’re looking out at your patio and seeing worn out looking patio furniture, faded from the suns strong rays and dingy and weathered looking, there is a very easy fix for that. And it is much closer than you might think. You can use a new outdoor furniture fabric paint from simply spray to restore and rejuvenate that furniture and make it look new again. Easy to use, simply spray outdoor furniture fabric paint works wonders to refresh fabrics. Cover up the worn look with several coats of fabric paint, sprayed on lightly and allowed to dry between each.. Read More »

Need New Carpets, But Don’t Have Enough Money? Check Out Our Carpet Spray Paint Instead

If you Read More »

How Do I Use Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint Correctly?

Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint is easy to use, even if you don’t think of yourself as a particularly crafty person or you’ve never used a similar product before. First, choose your paint color carefully. It needs to be a darker color than the fabric that you are painting over for best results. Next, cover your work areas. Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint is a great product, but you may not want it on your carpet and your walls as well as your couch! Start by testing a smaller piece of fabric. This lets you make sure that the fabric.. Read More »

Ideas For DIY Household Projects

Simply spray is an American made collection of fabric spray paints. All Simply Spray aerosol sprays are non-toxic and non-flammable. Children and adults can find many uses for the Simply Spray Soft Fabric Paint product. Plain white shirts are empty canvases ready to undergo customized transformations. Numbers, letters, tie dye, and other designs can easily be achieved with the fabric spray paint. The best part is that the material won’t even feel stiff to the touch when the paint has dried. Material sprayed with Simply Spray remains soft to the touch. Upholstery sprayed with Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Spray also.. Read More »

How To Stain Fabric Furniture

With regular use, furniture that was once brilliant and beautiful can become drab and unattractive. The solution does not always have to mean shelling out large sums of money for brand new furniture. With upholstery fabric paint, old furniture can gain a new lease on life and even become the focal point of a room. Consider Colors Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint can quickly change the looks of a drab piece of furniture. Because the paint is not opaque, consider both the current color of the upholstery and the color of the fabric paint. A change from lighter to darker.. Read More »

Too Many Stains On Your Carpet? Our Upholstery Carpet Spray Paint Can Help

Anyone with kids or pets is bound to have encountered carpet stains. Even without kids or pets around, it is easy to spill coffee or other liquids on carpet. As everyone knows, the minute the carpet cleaner is out the door, a spill is inevitable. What should you do with a carpet that is so stained you have given up on it? The solution is to use Spray It New Fabric Paint to cover all of the stains and give the entire room a fresh new look. Replacing carpet can be expensive and time consuming, but using our upholstery carpet.. Read More »

Faded Boat Cushions, Try Our Boat Fabric Dye

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You Can Change The Color Of Your Curtains Today With Simply Spray

After awhile you get tired of the same old curtain color. This does not mean that you have to invest in new curtains. Instead, consider painting your curtains. You Read More »

Does Your RV Need A Makeover? Check Out Simply Spray!

Although RVs are vehicles, the expense and upkeep involved in owning and maintaining them makes them more like a home than the family car or truck. Most people who own RVs will not consider buying a new one just because their current RV begins to look a bit dated or drab. However, a few weekends, some creativity and the right tools can turn your RV’s interior to charming, retro or entirely unique without the prohibitive cost of a comprehensive remodel. Fixing cosmetic issues on RVs often has to be postponed in favor of the RV’s mechanical maintenance. Replacing carpet, old.. Read More »

Want To Change Your Car Interior Color? We Have Auto Interior Fabric Dye

Your car or RV goes through a lot on a family trip. Kids are playing on the couches and sofas. Drinks are spilled when a sharp turn is made and people walk in and out of it with muddy feet. You may vacuum the RV or car regularly and even used some stain sprays, but it Read More »

Paint For Fabric Furniture

For years, you have seen people paint the metal and wood furniture to give it a new look. For the longest time fabric furniture was off limits. The only way to handle changing the appearance of fabric furniture was either through recovering the cushions, using slip covers or having it professionally reupholstered. Now there is a paint specifically made for fabric furniture. This allows you to actually paint the fabric so that you can change up the appearance. Fabric painting will take a short amount of time and drastically transform your furniture so that it looks better than the day.. Read More »

Is There Fabric Spray Paint?

Spray paint just makes covering large surface areas easier. There is no point in taking the time out of your day to paint large projects by hand when spray paint allows you to spend less time painting and more time enjoying your awning, umbrella, or other project. This may seem impossible since normally these items are made of fabric, but now the option of fabric spray paint is available. Upholstery fabric paint makes changing the color of objects with upholstery very easy. This paint requires only a few guidelines to be followed. Upholstery fabric paint works best on light colors... Read More »

How can I effectively dye my bedsheets?

Bedsheets can be expensive! If you have old sheets with color so faded you would rather see them in the trash can, perhaps you can bring them back with a pop of color. Create a design. You can easily cut a diamond out of cardboard or for advanced D.I.Y.ers, try an eccentric damask pattern. Also think about your color scheme and them of your room. For example, if you have light blue sheets and the rest of the room has different shades of blue, you wouldn’t necessarily want to pick Simply Spray Burnt Orange! (That is unless you’re a Florida.. Read More »

How To Paint Polyester Fabric

Polyester fabric can be painted as opposed to being dyed. When you have the option of using upholstery fabric paint in your home, you can transform all of your old furniture. You can save money on slip covers and professional services because it Read More »

How To Paint Felt Fabric

Felt fabric is notorious for getting stained, especially if it Read More »

Fabric Spray Paint Ideas

Whether you are looking to cover up faded old furniture or create a new look in your home, it can be a costly and difficult endeavor. Often times it means having your furniture reupholstered or purchasing expensive throw pillows. If you want to jazz up an old chair or want to change the color of your lampshades, consider refinishing furniture with upholstery fabric paint. Using fabric paint on upholstery is quite easy to do. It is also safe for little furry critters and children. There is no need to worry about harmful chemicals. Fabric paint is completely non-toxic. It also.. Read More »

Is There Automotive Carpet Spray Paint?

Life would be easier if you could improve the appearance of your automotive carpet with spray paint. There is such a product on the market, allowing you to get rid of unsightly stains and fading from the sun just by spraying a few coats of paint on it. You can simply spray it with fabric paint, either changing the color or darkening the current shade so that the stains are completely hidden from view. No one will ever know that soda was spilled on the back floor or that some paint was dripped on the driver Read More »

Spray That Old Couch New

If the living room or den is starting to look tired, clearly it is time for a little rejuvenation. Spray-painting your couch may not occur to most people. It is out of the box thinking. That is how we like it. The key is to find a product that works on the distinctive fabric found on couches. Test It First Not all couches will benefit from a spray-on paint such as Spray It New. The fabric must be able to absorb the paint or it will roll right off. Check to see if the upholstery absorbs water before beginning. Add.. Read More »