New Ideas For Upholstery Fabric Paint

It seemed as if we got news every single day that we were expecting ... again. Our bank account was dwindling at the same pace. We dreamed of a beautiful nursery that would hold our heir in style and comfort. Unfortunately, we had more vision than cash.
Our saving grace was a lot of courage and gobs of creativity. We inherited a crib, changing table, rocking chair and dresser from my sister. She had teenagers, so this stuff was just taking up room in her basement and attic. We were grateful for the gifts.
We did not know whether a prince or princess would be joining our tribe. That made it easier to decorate. We could choose a theme that pleased us. Both of us enjoy outdoor activities. The baby due date was smack dab in the middle of winter. We knew that we would be inside a lot of the time, so we decided to bring nature into our home. We made the ceiling a soft lemon yellow. The walls were a blue that made us feel happy. The floors had been refinished recently, so we were able to use soft green rugs to keep our bare feet toasty and warm.
Plain white sheets, towels and curtains are very inexpensive. We looked for pleasing designs on the Internet and created our own stencils. Rather than using fabric paint to cover all the fabric, we chose to add simple touches that tied all the pieces together. The names of baby animals caught our fancy. We marched fluffy yellow chicks in a row along the curtains borders. A curious fox kit peeped between the slats of the crib. A hedgehog piglet slept on the changing table cover. A lively colt pranced on the rocking chair cushion. Have you ever seen a kangaroo joey leap around a wall? Our child will! We were inspired.
We now keep a stash of fabric paint around the house at all times. Whenever we think of a new design, we grab our paint brushes, stencils and fabric. Our little darling clothes are getting decorated daily. The boring white onesies that come in packs of three are being transformed. Just yesterday, I added a penguin chick, a peacock peachick, a piglet, and a fawn to some clothes and hats. We have started making baby gifts to give to the friends we met at Lamaze class.
Perhaps we have created a cottage industry along with a line of descendants?

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