Upholstery Fabric Paint

If you have ever found a great deal on an upholstered item which was beautifully crafted and the perfect design, but you did not like the color, you may have hesitated to buy it. Perhaps you also have an old rug or couch at home that you would like in a different color. There is a simple solution: spray paint for fabrics. This special formula will help you spruce up any fabric item in your home without reupholstering. It is an inexpensive and creative way to help yourself redecorate.

You can use this fabric paint to make any light fabric item a darker color. If you would like to get creative, you can use this paint with stencils to produce simple or elaborate patterns or images on your furniture, window treatments, or rugs.

Because fabric is so absorbent, it will not work properly with regular spray paint. It needs a special fabric paint in order to be coated evenly. This special paint also has UV protection to keep the newly painted item from fading in the sunlight. It also works with the texture of the fabric, so it will not be scratchy to sit on, walk over, or touch. Also, it is completely non-toxic, so you will not endanger anyones health with your decorating project.

If you are interested in using this fabric paint, you will need to determine how many cans to use. Take the size of whatever item you are working on into account--a large sofa will need a lot more than a small area rug. You should plan on about twelve cans to cover a couch. About six will be sufficient for the average recliner or easy chair. Even fewer will do for a small chair or stenciling project.

Once you have given your item a sufficient number of coats, let it dry. Your project is done!

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