New Business In Used Furniture

I am lucky enough to live on a piece of property with a large pole shed. My husband staked claim to half of it with his hobbies and I got the other half. My plan was to set the shed up and use it for the occasional garage-type sale and after a successful couple of sales, I was hooked. I started buying items from other garage and rummage sales and selling them in my portion of the shed, but one thing I was hearing constantly from the stream of customers checking out my sale, was that everyone was always looking for furniture.

I could refinish wood furniture, but the work was intense and could take a long time to complete. It was too labor-intensive for the amount I could sell it for. Old upholstered furniture was generally made quite well, but the fabrics and colors used were just not what anyone was looking for these days.

I decided to experiment a little on an old overstuffed chair I had in my basement, using upholstery fabric spray from Simply Spray. After painting the chair and letting it dry, I had my family test it. The color never transferred to clothing or skin, and even misting the chair with soap and water didnt affect the paint. I thought back on all of the furniture I had passed by at other sales because the colors were all wrong and knew with very little effort on my part, and a few cans of Simply Spray, I could give that furniture new life, get it into new homes, and make some money besides.

Knowing I had a great selection of colors at my fingertips, the next shopping trip I made to stock up on goods for my own sale, I was able to look past the odd colors and fabric patterns of the furniture I was seeing. I was able to pick up several chairs and sofas that I got for a song because few could see past the fabric, or were unwilling to pay for an expensive reupholstering job.

My renewed furniture is such a hit that I now take orders for custom pieces and really love the whole painting process. I have also been able to easily match the fabric spray colors to traditional paint colors to use on matching tables and other wood pieces.