Upholstery Fabric Paint For Cars And Upholstery

Using Fabric Spray Paint in Your Home

We love our kids and our pets, but two thing that none of us appreciates are the wear and tear that our children, dogs and cats leave on sofas, chairs and cars. What was once a white couch or a light gray seat cushion, after years of use, is now an unpleasant shade of brown. Stains, dirt and water marks are all unsightly and the usual remedy is going to the local furniture store. Now, instead of living with these disagreeable color arrangements, families may refinish and repaint their furniture with fabric spray paint to restore their furniture new glow. Fabric spray paints are less messy and labor-intensive than your typical dye job and typically costs much less. Fabric spray paints are ideal when you have to quickly touch up a fabric and you dont have a lot of time or money budgeted for the job.

One of the most effective fabric spray paints on the market today is Simply Spray. While effective for the fabric on your sofas, chairs, curtains or car interiors and useful for both interior finishing pieces or for your outdoor patio furniture, this revolutionary spray may even be used on leather, wood and silk. Simply Spray sets in about an hour and only needs 72 hours before it is safe to wash (dont forget to turn it inside out before throwing into the washing machine). It is recommended that it be washed separately from the rest of your clothes the first time, and then washed with like colors after that.

Safety also seems paramount for Simply Spray. It is non-toxic and non-flammable and does not contain any harmful inhalants that you might find in other spray can products. Your kids can even use the paint. You may use this fabric paint too near the kitchen and on the patio as the paint wont rub off on your clothing, is food safe and is compliant with Federal regulations.

All in all, if you are looking to add a little pizzazz to your furniture or accessories, fabric spray paint is a great alternative.

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