Wrong Color Furniture? Not A Problem!

While I was thrilled to have inherited some super sturdy upholstered chairs from my grandmothers home when she decided to move into a condominium, I was less than enthused about their color. My grandmother believed in buying quality furniture pieces, but the powder mauve color would not go in any room of my home. It seemed a shame to spend money for reupholstering the chairs when they were in excellent shape, and I had tried using fitted furniture covers before and was always dissatisfied with the results.

I had seen a couple of home improvement type shows on television where the expert designers had simply painted upholstery using regular paint, which never turned out well, but I thought I had seen a fabric paint specifically made just for upholstery. I was happy to find Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Spray Paint and even happier to see the wide variety of colors available. I chose a neutral camel brown color, which would go in my earth-toned living room, and couldnt have been more pleased with the results!

Application was easy and required only masking off the legs and removing the cushion so I could get good coverage. I tried a bit of the fabric paint on a piece of cardboard first to get the feel for the amount of spray that would come out, and like using any spray paint, an even mist with a steady hand, at a level distance gave me the best results.

Based on consumer reviews, I purchased three cans for the job and that was perfect. Had the original color of the chairs been a bit darker, I may have needed an additional can, but I got great coverage with a little bit left in the last can. This was definitely a far more economical way of customizing the chairs to my interior than reupholstering, and I am happy to note that the color has stayed stable, has not rubbed off and I am even able to wipe up spills without worry of losing the color.