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My husband and I started flipping houses when the real estate market was very hot. It didnt take much more than a few improvements back then to make some good money in the real estate market.

These days, however, it is of utmost importance that my husband and I do quality work, and with so many homes on the market, we need to make a great first impression on our potential buyers. This means the houses we work on need to look like homes, and not just empty spaces. Contrary to popular belief, few potential buyers are interested in the space when they walk into a home devoid of furniture. An empty house just looks empty, where a few key pieces of furniture can make all of the difference in the world, allowing potential homeowners to more easily envision where their own furniture will fit into the rooms.

With the use of some upholstery fabric spray paint, my husband and I have been able to completely transform some great pieces of furniture so that they can be placed in any setting and give our houses a much warmer feeling than a bunch of empty rooms can convey. Being able to see beyond ugly plaids and garish colors has also enabled us to buy furniture for next to nothing, and we often are able to pick up pieces for free when the previous owner just wants the stuff out of their house.

I use very neutral fabric paint colors for the sofas and living room suite furniture we have in our staging collection, and then like to add a pop of color on an occasional chair for interest. We can see our potential buyers eyes as they instantly travel to a bright red or plum-colored chair, that we have strategically placed near an area of interest.

Now it is almost commonplace to not only get offers on our sale properties, but offers with a little extra from buyers who want some of the furniture as well!

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