Carpet Dyes for Cars

Sometimes your car needs a bit of sprucing up. Something about it is not to taste or is looking older than you would like. Your blue car is filled with a gray interior that is a bit drab and is looking quite worn. That is why many people are turning to something simple and easy in awakening the interior of their car. Carpet dye.

Now, before questioning why someone would be interested in using carpet dyes for cars, when really who looks at the carpeting, imagine it for a moment. Look back at that nice blue car that you are sure to have washed every time it looked a little dingy. Think of the steel gray interior that once looked as good as new. Now the carpeting. That carpeting has been neglected, even if you have vacuumed it half of the time when you washed your car.

Cheaper than buying new carpeting, there are carpet dye starter kits that include a cleaning kit and the dye you need to awaken the carpeting again. Going with a carpet dye for cars that is one shade darker than the original shade, your carpet can look as good as new, if not better. If you have a medium gray toned carpet, pick out the dark gray to keep the vibrancy of the carpeting.

When using the bottle of dye, simply spray it along the carpeting. No need to be worried about overspray as this product does not stick to plastic, vinyl, or leather.

Cleaning your carpeting before you are ready for the dye is surprisingly easy and quick. This is what makes the starter kit an excellent deal in most cases. Even after you have gone through the process of cleaning and then dying there will be enough leftover that you can clean the carpet all over again when the time comes.

The dye is not meant to change the official color of your carpeting. It is an enhancement to the colors that already exist through the carpeting.

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