If you own a car that is a few years old, chances are the carpet has faded or discolored areas. For many, the only choice they can think of is to replace the carpet. This is an expensive, tedious choice. The reality is you have an inexpensive, simple choice which is dyeing your carpet. In many cases, a cars carpet can be restored to the original color by using a car carpet dye kit which you simply spray. The dye in car carpet dye kits is formulated to not fade and last for years. You can get your carpet looking like new for a lot less than the cost of replacing it.
You have the option of purchasing liquid or aerosol car carpet dye kits. For bleach stains, the aerosol is recommended over the liquid. The reason is the liquid car carpet dye kit is more transparent than the aerosol, which would not work as well with a strong bleach stain that has discolored the carpet.
It is relatively simple to use the dye. After vacuuming the area to be worked on, remove grease, stains and tar with stain remover. On areas which are heavily soiled you might need to shampoo the carpet. Once you have prepared the carpet. You mix the concentrated dye with water and simply spray on the carpet areas.
There are many manufacturers original colors available, so it should not be difficult to have a perfect color match. These color dyes are water resistant and will not wash off when you clean or shampoo your rug. As an added feature, the dye works just as well on your home carpet.
These days many of us are trying to save as much money as possible, so purchasing a car carpet dye kit instead of new carpet is definitely the way to go. With a dye you simply spray, you will have a new looking carpet without spending the money.