Upholstery Fabric Paint Colors For Your Car

Easy Fix For Faded Car And Truck Upholstery

My husbands old pickup truck was purchased used when it only had 24,000 miles on it. It now has close to 150,000 miles and years of sitting in the sun while it was parked at his workplace, not to mention being exposed to the road salt used in the winter, had it badly in need of a paint job.

Once we got the paint job done, the upholstery looked horrendous, even worse than it had before we got the truck painted. The seats were in good shape otherwise, but appeared almost pink when compared to the new red truck paint.

The seats are not very friendly toward covers; we had tried many different types over the last ten years and none really stayed in place decently enough to use. I looked into fabric paint and was really surprised to see the improvements made in upholstery paint, and also the wide variety of colors available. There was virtually something available for every car paint color imaginable. Had we known prior to having the truck painted, we might have repainted the truck in a different color entirely.

I ordered six cans of the paint and we went to work. The job was made infinitely easier once we figured out how to completely remove the truck seats and then could paint them on a drop cloth outside. Using the paint was just like using any spray paint and we applied several light coats until we had the seats matching the exterior of the truck. My husband used my car for a couple of days as we let the paint dry and when he was able to drive his truck again, he got a ton of compliments on how great it looked. No one can believe the truck is as old as what it is and I know we greatly increased the resale value with the new paint job, and especially the improvement made to the interior.

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