Making An Old Pillow Fun Again

Pillows are probably the most underappreciated pieces of the living room. Sure, some people buy pretty patterns in huge quantities to match the decor of the room; they get the living room set just how they want it, and then they forget about it. The pillows are used every day and go from looking great to not-so-great in what seems like no time at all. Gone are the pretty patterns, replaced by stains, worn fabric, and just general degradation of the color and quality of the pillow. But how can we fix that?
Spray paint for upholstery? Admittedly, I was curious, but skeptical. The spray paint I was used to is not something I would want to spray on a pillow. The texture of the paint alone seemed that it would be unpleasant to sit on. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised. After placing down a newspaper to prevent any unnecessary mess (it is spray paint after all) I proceeded to coat the pillow in the fabric spray paint. It went on as easily as you would expect paint spray to go, and, after coating both sides, I left it to dry.
Youll want to give the pillow 48 hours to dry enough to use it in your living room, or 72 for it to fully dry so you can wash it. Once the time has passed, give it a shot. Feel the texture, touch the pillow; you wont even able to tell it has been painted. As a test, let a friend who doesnt know feel the pillow, they wont be able to tell either. Keep in mind, this is not the only use for fabric spray paint, however. Paint a costume for your kids, change the color of an old, faded shirt, or for arts and crafts; the uses are limitless.

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