When shopping around for a way to make some great, affordable home improvements, it doesnt get much better than fabric spray paint. Anything from curtains to couches can be revamped using this product, with great results for value. Replacing a furniture set or fixtures can be physically taxing, time consuming and expensive. This product can take a piece of furniture that has lost its luster over the years and give it a new flash of personality without the need to re-upholster or replace the piece. It can also be used on outdoor furniture, carpets, and automotive upholstery with great results. Give it a try and see your fabrics come back to life.
This paint is exceptional in its difference to traditional paint. It sprays in a fine mist, coating surfaces evenly and delicately, with great absorption, but with no blotching or spots. Whereas traditional paints might clog the pores of upholstery, this paint leaves a clean, even coloring. It also lacks the toxic fumes that have become synonymous with heavy-duty paints. The dry time is considerably shorter than standard paints, which can take ages to dry. Time really counts when youre sprucing up furniture for everyday use. The spray-can design is handy, and easy to maneuver. The cans are a large size, minimizing the need to change canisters frequently.
For great affordable home improvement projects, Simply Spray can be found online, and can be used on any absorbent material, including upholstery and curtains. The paint comes in a wide variety of colors, and lends itself well to mix-and-matching for patterns and creative designs. When searching for a good balance between getting great home improvement results and staying economical, Simply Spray can make all the difference in bringing perfectly functional carpeting, furniture, or curtains showing their age back into prime shape.