How to reupholster without the headache

We’ve all been there. The most comfortable chair I own is also the one that looks like someone used it to toboggan down a sand dune. The fabric looks worn down and the color is just gone. I’d love to reupholster the thing. I really would. And it’s not that I’m cheap. But there’s a huge difference between being ‘cheap’ and being ‘broke’.

And it’s not that I wouldn’t do it myself. Believe you me, I am the king of ‘do it yourself’ projects. I grew up building Legos, and when I bought our entertainment center last Fall, I put it together in a record setting two hours. But when it comes to anything involving fabric, I’m helpless.

So when I found out about an easy, affordable, foolproof method to ‘reupholster’ my favorite chair, I jumped on it.

As it turns out, Spray it New is not only all those things, but comes in such a variety of colors and wide variety of uses that I felt foolish for not using it sooner!

The instructions on the website made the process super easy. First off, they recommended that I buy a test can and test out the color on an unseen part of the chair before I started spraying the entire upholstery. You just can’t predict how closely the colors will match until you’ve had a chance to spray and let the paint settle. While I have lost every guessing game I’ve ever entered from the number of beans in a jar to whether I should see another card at the BlackJack table, I got this one right the first time. I bought the paint, it arrived in the morning, and by that night, my chair finally looked as new as it did comfortable!

Now my biggest problem is explaining to people how I got a brand new chair to break in so quickly…

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