Used furniture is my bread and butter. Some of the best furniture in my life has come handed down from friends and relatives, or my personal favorite, the free section on Craigslist.

This also means I’ve acquired a lot of furniture so ugly you could use it to decorate the columns of a Gothic cathedral. And that’s just the pieces that are shaped like gargoyles.

Then there are the pieces of furniture that were upholstered either in the 70s or by a child with a can of paint and a spatula. We are talking just terribly ugly.

Add onto that how I have a bad habit of spilling everything from wine to orange soda on my furniture when I sit down to watch television at the end of the day, and now you’re looking at needing to fix some truly atrocious furniture.

How could I ever fix this?

Enter Spray it New into my life. This product is incredible. I took my couch that I’ve peppered with colors of Macaroni and Cheese and Coca Cola and transformed it into an elegantly appointed burgandy. My carpet was a true mess. I can’t even remember what color it was originally. Even after insanely thorough, equally expensive cleaning treatments, the color just would not come back. But this time, I had the carpet cleaned down to the molecule and then gave it a dose of Spray it New. (By the way, it’s worth mentioning that for the best, most lasting treatment, you’ll need the fabric to be very clean before applying Spray it New.) Now I could care less what color my carpet was originally. Now I just have to ask myself what color I want it to be now!

I try to be very sparing in what products I give such glowing reviews, but this is one product I can confidently tell you I have gotten so much value from and believe in wholeheartedly!