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Can You Paint Furniture

Replacing furniture for a bedroom, living room, dining room, or home office can quickly add up to a large expense. Many people have favored pieces of furniture that they simply can’t part with, but due to age and everyday wear and tear, their beloved furniture does not look the greatest. Painting furniture with Simply Spray Upholstery products will help you to restore and rejuvenate your most treasured pieces of furniture.

Extending the life of fabric, vinyl, and leather furniture can be accomplished by sprucing up the items with high-quality furniture spray. Many people are familiar with the action of painting wooden and metal furniture such as tables, dressers, and chairs; but not everyone is aware that they can also use furniture spray on their favorite sofas, ottomans, chairs, and loveseats.

If you are searching for a way to remodel a room in your home, or several rooms in your home, while also remaining on a budget, consider painting furniture as a way to provide an entire new look without spending a huge amount of money. There is no need to worry about guests or extended family members being able to tell that you have painted your furniture. The paint goes on smoothly and evenly when applied according to the directions. It leaves a soft and resilient finish that does not come off on clothing, skin, or other items such as blankets and throw pillows.

No residue or odor remains once the paint has been applied and allowed to dry. Following the simple instructions and touching up your favorite leather, fabric, or vinyl furniture items can save you a tremendous amount of money that can be used to invest in new drapes, wall art, antique pieces, and vintage accessories to pull the look of the room together in an inviting and cohesive fashion.

Need New Car Upholstery? Try Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint!

My family raised me with a sense of pride. So you can imagine, the idea of spray painting the fabric in my car had only occurred to me in my nightmares.

I just wanted my car’s interior fabric to have that fresh, new, vibrant look my buddy’s car always had. It seemed like he reupholstered his car every six months, and every time I asked him how on earth he could afford that, he just smiled and shrugged nonchalantly at me.

I figured he was just trying to save my pride. He knew I wasn’t making as much money as I’d like and couldn’t keep my car looking as off the lot new as I’d like.

But you know what, whether he was stealing the fabric out of junkyards or had stumbled onto some successful Ponzi scheme to supplement his income, I had to know.

And finally, he broke down and told me.

The fabric wasn’t new. It was Spray it New.

How had he gotten the fabric to look so fresh and vibrantly colored if it wasn’t new? This obviously wasn’t a simple cleaning job he’d had done. It wasn’t just that the dirt and stains were gone. The color really popped.

He told me he had found Spray it New and used it to reenergize the color of his car’s upholstery. I was shocked. Wouldn’t it fade? Wouldn’t it wash away? And not just that, something that stained that powerfully – wouldn’t it stain his clothes?

Not even, he said. And then he revealed the big shocker to me – every time I’d ever seen him with new upholstery in his car… it had been Spray it New to the rescue.

Well, that did it for me. I stocked up on the color my car’s upholstery used to be and went to work.

Now, about every six months, when our friends ask how we can afford to buy new upholstery so often, me and my buddy just smile and shrug.

What Is The Best Upholstery Paint To Spray On A Couch Sofa

Used furniture is my bread and butter. Some of the best furniture in my life has come handed down from friends and relatives, or my personal favorite, the free section on Craigslist.

This also means I’ve acquired a lot of furniture so ugly you could use it to decorate the columns of a Gothic cathedral. And that’s just the pieces that are shaped like gargoyles.

Then there are the pieces of furniture that were upholstered either in the 70s or by a child with a can of paint and a spatula. We are talking just terribly ugly.

Add onto that how I have a bad habit of spilling everything from wine to orange soda on my furniture when I sit down to watch television at the end of the day, and now you’re looking at needing to fix some truly atrocious furniture.

How could I ever fix this?

Enter Spray it New into my life. This product is incredible. I took my couch that I’ve peppered with colors of Macaroni and Cheese and Coca Cola and transformed it into an elegantly appointed burgandy. My carpet was a true mess. I can’t even remember what color it was originally. Even after insanely thorough, equally expensive cleaning treatments, the color just would not come back. But this time, I had the carpet cleaned down to the molecule and then gave it a dose of Spray it New. (By the way, it’s worth mentioning that for the best, most lasting treatment, you’ll need the fabric to be very clean before applying Spray it New.) Now I could care less what color my carpet was originally. Now I just have to ask myself what color I want it to be now!

I try to be very sparing in what products I give such glowing reviews, but this is one product I can confidently tell you I have gotten so much value from and believe in wholeheartedly!

Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Spray Paint – Fix Your Old House Carpets

If you were fixing old carpets with fabric paint and have a little extra in the bottle, should you throw it away? These days, everyone wants to save money and the idea of ‘waste not want not’ comes to mind when you are deciding what to do with the mostly empty bottle of upholstery fabric paint. Thankfully, there are five simple ideas that utilize the last drops of your fabric spray paint.

These suggestions can be used with items that you already have around the house that bring the colors from one room into other areas of the home. All you need is the remaining fabric spray paint from fixing your old carpets, a stencil, and extra paper to prevent over-spraying where you do not want paint.

Tip: In addition to testing the fabric paint on the fabric itself, be sure to spray a test sample on plain paper before using a stencil

Spray paint fabric blinds with a stencil: Do you have plain fabric blinds as a window treatment? While these serve a function, adding your favorite stencil with fabric paint is a solution to give a room a makeover without spending extra money.

Transform an outdoor rug: After you are finished fixing old carpets with fabric paint, think about your old rug on the front porch or in the bathroom. Before you throw it away, consider cleaning it up and spraying it with fabric paint.

Pillow applique: Would you like to have pillows that tie in the room? Fixing an old carpet with fabric paint could be a good way to revitalize the old cushions on the sofa at the same time. Again, use a stencil and plenty of extra paper to ensure you do not over spray the fabric paint on unintended surfaces.

Personalizing the kitchen If you can find or make a stencil based on your kitchen theme, it can be applied to any fabric surface in the kitchen. This means that good candidates are kitchen towels, potholders, aprons, and curtains.

Labeling kids clothes: When children change clothes away from home, it is important that the dirty ones eventually make it back to their closets. Depending on the garment, fabric paints are a great way to label a child’s clothes. To get started, turn the clothes inside out, do a test sample, and let it dry.

You may find that fixing old carpets with fabric paint is also a good way to add a child’s initials to their clothes — and save money on replacing their jackets every winter.

How to reupholster without the headache

We’ve all been there. The most comfortable chair I own is also the one that looks like someone used it to toboggan down a sand dune. The fabric looks worn down and the color is just gone. I’d love to reupholster the thing. I really would. And it’s not that I’m cheap. But there’s a huge difference between being ‘cheap’ and being ‘broke’.

And it’s not that I wouldn’t do it myself. Believe you me, I am the king of ‘do it yourself’ projects. I grew up building Legos, and when I bought our entertainment center last Fall, I put it together in a record setting two hours. But when it comes to anything involving fabric, I’m helpless.

So when I found out about an easy, affordable, foolproof method to ‘reupholster’ my favorite chair, I jumped on it.

As it turns out, Spray it New is not only all those things, but comes in such a variety of colors and wide variety of uses that I felt foolish for not using it sooner!

The instructions on the website made the process super easy. First off, they recommended that I buy a test can and test out the color on an unseen part of the chair before I started spraying the entire upholstery. You just can’t predict how closely the colors will match until you’ve had a chance to spray and let the paint settle. While I have lost every guessing game I’ve ever entered from the number of beans in a jar to whether I should see another card at the BlackJack table, I got this one right the first time. I bought the paint, it arrived in the morning, and by that night, my chair finally looked as new as it did comfortable!

Now my biggest problem is explaining to people how I got a brand new chair to break in so quickly…

Can I Paint Furniture Instead Of Reupholstering?

What do you do when you have a piece of furniture that’s almost perfect, but the color just doesn’t work with your décor? Maybe it’s a yard sale find with a price you can’t pass up, even if it is completely the wrong shade. Maybe it’s your husband’s favorite chair that he refuses to let you get rid of because he has it just the way he wants it. Maybe it’s your perfect couch, with just the right lines and the perfect amount of fluff, but it’s so faded you can’t stand to look at it. To have it reupholstered can cost you so much that it doesn’t seem worth it, so what do you do?

Painting furniture with fabric paint is the perfect way to revive your furniture without killing your budget, so that yard sale find will be a great deal in just the right shade. Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint absorbs into the fabric you’re painting, so your husband won’t complain that his chair feels stiff or sticky. Simply Spray is permanent and fade resistant, so your perfect couch can stay perfect.
Not only does painting furniture with fabric paint save you money, but it also saves time. Simply Spray Upholstery Paint dries in 72 hours, so your furniture can be ready to use in three days!
Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint comes in a wide range of colors to match your décor and your personal style. You don’t have to compromise your standards to save money. Applying Simply Spray is easy, and the instructions are clear, making it the ideal do it yourself project for a weekend. Fair warning: Once you start painting furniture with fabric paint, you may not be able to stop!

Can I Spray My Outdoor Umbrella With Simply Spray Upholstery or Vinyl Paint?

If you are looking to spruce up the look of your outdoor umbrella, there is no reason to toss it and buy a new one. The umbrella can be renewed to its original glory so you can keep enjoying it for years to come. Simply Spray offers an outdoor furniture spray paint which can be used to renew and restore the look of your outdoor furniture. Use the Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint to make a big difference in the way your umbrella looks.

The upholstery spray will only work if the umbrella can absorb water. If it has been made to be waterproof, do not despair, you can still use the Simply Spray Vinyl Paint. This offers a permanent solution to your faded looking umbrella. Simply spray on the paint and allow it to dry.

The faded look of your current umbrella will not be repeated any time soon. This is because both kinds of outdoor furniture spray paint offer UV protection to the paint and your furniture. The fabric will be protected so it will not only look better in terms of color. The UV protection will also help to maintain the strength and durability of the fabric so you will not have to worry about it tearing on you from normal usage.

Make sure that the color you are choosing is the same color as the original or a darker color. This is because the paint is not completely opaque. It is simply not possible to use the outdoor furniture spray paint to make the furniture lighter. The old color will show through the new paint applied.

Try to apply during a stretch of clear skies. While the paint will dry within an hour, it will take more than 72 hours for the color to completely set in the fabric. Once it does, the color will remain in the fabric. Simply Spray offers a wide range of uses other than just your outdoor umbrella.

Can I Spray My Outdoor Awning With Simply Spray Upholstery or Vinyl Paint?

Over time, the fabric coverings on your awnings and outdoor furniture can take a beating from the weather and sun exposure. Faded colors easily make the pieces look worn, even though the “bones” of the furniture is still in good condition. Traditionally, the only options were to have the awning or furniture recovered or to toss them in the trash. But if the pieces only need a fabric facelift, spare the landfill of extra garbage and rejuvenate your furniture with outdoor furniture fabric spray.

The Fabric Paint

Spraying on a new look is certainly a more time-saving and appealing fix than recovering the old awning or furniture or purchasing them new. Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint can be used on any absorbent material to which the paint binds well and will not crack or fade when dry. The paint’s added UV protection prevents it from fading, so you can expect the finish to last a long time.

Colors Choices for Your Awning and Furniture

Imagine giving your awning or quality outdoor furniture a new look with just a coat of the Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint. Select the same color to enhance its appearance, or change the color of your outdoor furniture to complement a new decorative theme.

The available colors include black, charcoal grey, navy, Caribbean blue, periwinkle, plum, lavender, burgundy, bright red, burnt orange, saddle brown, camel, hunter green and sage green.

Each can of paint contain 8 ounces of paint. One can covers one chair; and two to three cans will cover a lounge chair. Estimate how many cans you need to cover all of your outdoor furniture before ordering the paint.

Vinyl Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor vinyl furniture is quite durable, but even they take a beaten from the intense heat of the sun. If your vinyl furniture needs a facelift, consider using Simply Spray’s Vinyl Cote. Vinyl Cote is a spray dye with UV protection. Applied in a two-step process, Vinyl Cote permanently adheres to the vinyl surface. First apply a layer of Vinyl Clear Cote, and then spray on the colored vinyl spray. Available colors include black, charcoal grey and camel.

Can I Use Fabric Paint On Outdoor Chairs?

Outdoor chairs can get faded in the sunlight to make them look tired and used. Accidents, including spills and more, can happen throughout the life of the chair. There are also instances in which you might just be fed up with the appearance of a chair. This is when you may consider making a change, but can you do it using Simply Spray as an outdoor chair fabric spray paint? The short answer is, yes.

Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Spray is made to be used on cloth which absorbs water. If your outdoor chair has been treated in any way to prevent water absorbency, it is necessary to use the Simply Spray Vinyl Paint instead. The permanent change will add value to any outdoor chairs you might have.

You will not have to worry about the color fading when using this outdoor chair fabric spray paint because it offers UV protection. Even the vinyl pain offers the protection against fading. This means that anything you spray will still look great years from now. Protection against fading is in most normal sun conditions.

Altering the look of any outdoor chair is quick and easy to accomplish. Simply make sure that the color of the original chair is a lighter color than the color you are applying. Because the paint is not opaque, it is not possible to cover up the darker colors with the paint. When painting the chair to a darker color, it will have the appearance you are looking for.

Keeping chair materials as soft as possible is easy to do when using the outdoor chair fabric spray paint. If after drying, you notice the fabric is stiff in any way, simply work the fabric with a bristle brush. This will loosen the fibers and get rid of any additional dried paint. While the texture of the fabric will be altered slightly, it is not something many will even notice when using the chairs.

Is Simply Spray Fabric Paint Good For Outdoor Cushions?

Patio furniture takes a beating from the sun. The bright colors that drew you to a certain piece will quickly fade under the intense rays of the sun, leaving you with cushions that are bland, boring and tired. You could go out and spend hundreds of dollars on new cushions, but they may not be as comfortable and they probably won’t fit as well. A better option is to revive your patio with spray paint for outdoor furniture.

Available in several colors, you can transform the look of your outdoor furniture. Update soft fabrics like cotton or canvas with different shades of red, blue, green, brown or even purple. Whether you want a lovely camel or a deep plum, you can restore the beauty of your cushions with a simple can of paint. The fabric will remain soft and supple while the color looks brand new and impressive. For the best results, choose a color that is darker than the existing colors on your furniture.

While soft fabrics have the most color choices available, you can also change the look of your vinyl and waterproof pieces. Update the color and freshen the look with colors like charcoal gray, black or camel. Our paint will coat the surface, brighten the finish and transform the color without rubbing off. Non-toxic and non-flammable, it’s ideal for use on furniture that is used near fireplaces. It even has UV protectants built in, so your color will last longer.

One of the greatest benefits of spray paint for outdoor furniture is that you can count on the cushions looking like new and fitting perfectly. Replacement cushions are costly, and they never look as nice as the originals. However, cans of fabric paint are affordable and ideal for transforming your furniture and making it attractive once again.

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