Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint


Available Simply Spray Upholstery Fabric Paint Colors



We currently offer sixteen Upholstery Fabric Paint colors in 8oz cans. Each swatch below is very close to the actual color, but may look slightly different when sprayed, due to the difference in every computer monitor.

Upholstery Fabric Spray Paint Colors

         Midnight Black        Burnt Orange         Periwinkle             Camel                 Sage Green  


                Plum                  Burgundy              Lavender        Caribbean Blue    Charcoal Grey


            Bright Red          Hunter Green              Navy             Saddle Brown         Hot Lime             Coral



Remember when choosing your colors that our paint absorbs into the fabric instead of sitting on top of it (which is why it dries soft), so you'll need to pick a color that is darker than your fabric. Basically, you can paint a tan couch brown, but you cannot paint a brown couch tan.  Since our paint is not opaque, the base color can influence the final color, so we recommend you stay within the same color family, or choose a very dark color, such as black or charcoal.  Always remember to test a small area first to make sure you like what you see!

For even coverage, we recommend spraying a few lighter coats instead of one heavy coat, allowing each coat to dry completely (about 15-20 minutes or dry to your touch).  To get the most usage from your can, we recommend spraying a THIN coat first and allowing it to dry for 30 minutes. This thin coat will act as a "primer" and subsequent full coats can adhere and give you even, consistent coverage while using less paint.

The more absorbent your fabric, the more paint it will need, so make sure that you order enough to achieve the exact color you are looking to obtain.

If you'd like more information on a color before purchasing, please contact us at For more tips and frequently asked questions, click on FAQs at the top of this page and Hints & Tips at the bottom of this page.  We want you to be satisfied, so if the color arrives, and it's not what you were expecting, just send us back the unopened can for a full refund for the cost of the paint.  

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