Camo Shirt

Camo Star Shirt

Design your own unique apparel quickly and easily, even if you think you have no artistic talent!

Skill level: Beginner Crafting Time: 1 hour





1 shirt any style,

preferably 100% cotton

1 Simply Spray Camouflage Pack

(Olive Green, Sand, Chestnut Brown) 1 can Stencil Spray Gold Glimmer

1 star stencil

1 can spray adhesive newspaper or craft paper towels



  1. Lay shirt flat on surface protected with craft 
  1. Lightly spray the back of the stencil with spray glue and adhere to the top center position of the shirt, pressing down firmly. Match the point of the star with the collar as a guide 
  1. Mask around the stencil with paper towels so only the star appears and the rest of the shirt is protected. 
  1. Following manufacturer’s instructions, spray star in light layers with Stencil Spray Gold Glimmer. Start spraying on the paper towel and end on the paper towel to avoid spatter. Do not shake can after opening. 
  1. Allow shirt to dry for approximately 20 minutes. 
  1. Create a diagonal camouflage design across the shirt by pinching the shirt between your thumb and forefinger and twisting. 
  1. Following manufacturer’s instructions, spray shirt in stripes with Chestnut Brown then Olive Green, alternating colors. Only spray half the shirt in a diagonal line. 
  1. Pinch and twist the shirt again. Spray again by alternating colors. Allow colors to touch and blend. 
  1. Lay shirt flat and spray over the Olive Green and Chestnut Brown with Simply Spray Sand until half the shirt is covered completely. 
  1. Lay flat to dry. Wait 72 hours before washing. Turn inside out when washing and do not use fabric softener.

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