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Change your decor with just a few coats of Simply Spray!  Turn boring white lampshades into vibrant shades of red or brown. Give that faded old chair a new look in hunter green.  Even aged old furniture can be transformed from dull to dashing with just a few coats of Simply Spray. 

Have you ever wanted to try and spice up that old family dining room set? Simply Spray will turn any old family relic into a chic new decorative piece.  It's perfect for all furniture and home accessories made of absorbent fabrics.  Here's a few of our favorite ideas:

      • Holiday Napkins and Placemats 
      • Throw Pillows
      • Carpets & Rugs
      • Wall Hangings/Fabric Blinds
      • Seat Cushions
      • Fabric, Leather or Vinyl Furniture
      • Seasonal Decor

Unlike dyeing, which can be messy and difficult, Simply Spray is easy to use and dries quickly. Also, it is 100% non-toxic and safe for your pets and children to crawl around on. Our spray is food grade safe with zero CFCs. Plus, it cleans up easy, won’t come off on your clothes, and is UV protected. 

Here are a few guidelines to the amount of paint required for most projects. Please keep in mind that these are only estimates and the actual amount of paint you will need varies depending on the size of your project, the type of fabric (how absorbent it is), and how many coats you intend to apply

3-6 8oz cans will revitalize a small arm chair (dependent on size).

8-12 cans are needed for a normal sized recliner and ottoman.

12-24 cans are approximately how much is needed for a normal sized couch (dependent on number of cushions).


Also, remember that we suggest multiple light coats, this will use less paint overall. Then let each coat dry 15 to 20 minutes, this will ensure the additional coats will adhere properly

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