Car Interior

Simply Spray Car Interiors

Changing a car’s interior has now become a simple task with Simply Spray. Cars are prone to be stain ridden from a morning coffee or the last sip from your favorite smoothie, but the main problem comes when you look around and the car looks too old and bland. Simply Spray can convert the car by changing the interior from blah to WOW to give it that new car look for thousands less than re-upholstery.

Simply Spray can be used on multiple surfaces allowing it to be used to completely renovate the inside of a car. Simply Spray will permanently change the colors of your car seats and the variety of colors gives you countless possibilities on how to update your car! Have you always wanted a bright red or black interior, but are held back because of how expensive those renovations can be? A car interior renovation can cost thousands of dollars, but  Simply Spray upholstery paint only cost $11.50 a can!  One car can be completely re-done with approximately 12 cans, depending on the size of the car.



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