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Simply Spray Hints and Tips

If I open and use my Simply Spray can, how should I store it to reuse at a later date?

For best results, we strongly recommend that you use the product in its entirety after the first opening it. If you set it aside and try to spray it again, paint could dry in the valve which would make it very difficult to use again. You should store any opened cans upside-down in water so that the trigger is completely submerged. 

How long do I have to wait between coats before I can spray the next coat?

We recommend that you let each coat dry 15 to 20 minutes, or dry to your touch.  This will ensure the additional coats will adhere properly.

How much paint do I need for my project?

This is a difficult question and our best answer for this is to test an area to see how absorbent the material is. All material is different and some material absorbs more than others, please see our product pages with general guidelines.

I do not hear the ball moving in my can of paint, is there something wrong?

The ball is not a vital component of the product. Although the ball does help to shake up the paint, you will get the same results shaking the can without the ball. 

I accidentally got some Simply Spray on my clothing while I is using it, what can I do?

One of the great things about Simply Spray is that it is permanent on your project. But, if you accidentally get Simply Spray on your clothes, then make sure you wash them ASAP! You should wash your clothes using liquid fabric softener because fabric softener breaks down the pigment in the paint. There’s no magical solution to remove the paint from clothing since all material is different, so you just need to keep washing them. Put soap directly on the paint and scrub using a wash cloth for friction.  

What happens if I get Simply Spray on my deck or cement?

We always recommend that you cover your work area. Simply Spray will soak into your deck or cement and can be difficult to remove. You should wash the area with a steel brush and strong cleaner that won’t harm the surface. You can also try using a power washer.  

Should I wear gloves when I use Simply Spray?

Sometimes wearing gloves can cause more of a problem than you would think. The paint will not absorb into the gloved and will transfer onto your project.  

Can you wash your fabric after using Simply Spray?

Yes, you can wash Simply Spray (Soft Clothing Fabric Paint, Stencil Paint and Puff Paints). You should not use any type of liquid or sheet fabric softener because fabric softener breaks down the pigments in the paint. Also, if possible try to wash your garments inside out. The first time you wash your garment, the excess paint will wash off the fabric, so please make sure you wash it in a separate load. After the initial wash, you should not notice significant fading. Wait 72 hours before washing for the first time. We do not recommend dry cleaning.  The Upholstery Paint is washable, but we strongly recommend It be spot cleaned, but it cannot withstand harsh detergents, and absolutely no fabric softener. This paint was specially designed to be permanent without washing for items you cannot throw in the washing machine.

How come I needed more paint than your packaging suggests?

We try our best to make a good estimate for your projects based upon our own experience.  That being said, there are many variables that could increase the amount you need.  If you have any questions, just email us at info@sprayitnew.com 

Can I embroider or use an iron on transfer after using Simply Spray on my fabric?

Sure! Once the paint dries you will notice the fabric will feel soft to the touch. Then you will be able to iron the fabric, screen print, or embroider it. 

My Simply Spray can will not spray again, what should I do?

You might have pulled the trigger back to hard.  If the trigger is pulled back too hard, it can "stick".  Simply put your index finger behind the blue trigger an push it forward.  A "pop" or "click" should happen.  If you push on the trigger a few times, it should start spraying again. If you leave your can with the trigger out of position, the gas with seep out, rendering the can unusable. Think of the paint as a can of whip cream… if you only pull lightly on the nozzle, the gas will seep out.

Sometimes paint might build up in the nozzle after it is used. We suggest that you pick off any excess paint from the nozzle opening and then flip the can upside down and spray to clear the passage. The force of the spray should clear the way! We also suggest storing your used paints upside-down in water if you will not be using them right away  (with trigger in off position). 

Will Simply Spray work on furniture, like my sofa?

Our Upholstery Paint is a specially formulated paint that we developed to work with upholstery. It is always best to test it on a small piece of scrap fabric before proceeding. Simply Spray works best on 100% cotton and light colored fabric. You will need to apply a few coats of paint to fully cover your upholstery. Because the paint absorbs into the material and stays soft (instead of hardening on top of  materials), the material you are painting must be lighter than the color of the paint you are using for color to show correctly. You can paint a tan couch black, but you can’t paint a black couch tan. The paint is not opaque so it cannot make darker colors lighter.  The number of cans needed varies depending on the size of the piece of furniture. Always remember to protect your work area. 

Will Simply Spray work on wood?

Simply Spray will stain wood that is not finished, just apply a few coats for darker coverage until you achieve the desired results.  

Will Simply Spray work on silk or polyester?

Simply Spray does work on silk, but it won't have the same affect as it will on 100% cotton since cotton is more absorbent fabric. Keep in mind that Simply Spray may run on silk, leaving a more tie-dyed look.  Therefore, we suggest you test a small inconspicuous area first,

Will Simply Spray work on leather?

Leather Cote is a revolutionary new form of spray dye designed to be permanent without coming off on leather. It can be used for all kinds of leather like furniture and car seats. The leather should not be treated with any waterproof spray. 

Do I have to heat set my project?

No!  One of the greatest things about Simply Spray is that it sets itself! You do not have to worry about needing to iron it or put it in the dryer! Just wait 72 hours before washing! If you are short on time, you can use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process to the touch, but remember, it will not set the paint any faster so don't wash it until after 72 hours.


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