This page is a sub-page of "Inside the House", will talk about how to use Simply Spray on rugs.

...Our Upholstery Paint is perfect painting absorbent upholstery fabric, pillows, chairs, recliners, sofas, office furniture, cubicles and car interiors. Unlike dyeing which can be messy and labor intensive or replacements which are expensive, Simply Spray Upholstery Paint is fast and easy both on you and your wallet.

Looking to touch up your outdoor furniture or your car interior? Great! Simply Spray Upholstery Paint works wonders on patio furniture cushions, chaise lounges and awnings.

Concerned about your safety? We care too. Simply Spray’s special, secret formula is designed to be non-toxic, completely ASTM-D 4236 compliant, and uses a food-safe propellant. Plus it cleans up easy, won’t come off on your clothes, and is UV protected.

  • Because furniture varies so much in size, color, and material, we recommend buying a test can and applying a coat of paint to an unseen surface of your project (i.e. under the cushion of a couch).
  • This will allow you to gauge how the paint adheres your particular project, what the paint looks like once it has dried, and how many coats you’ll want to apply for desired results.
  • It will also allow you to familiarize yourself with the paint and how it sprays, allowing for optimum control once your project is underway.
  • Here are some guidelines to the amount of paint required for common projects. Remember that these are onlyestimates and the actual amount of paint you will need varies based on the size of your project, the type of fabric, and how man coats you intend to apply.

1 can for 3 office chairs.

1 can for small chair.

3 cans for small cubicle.

6 cans for a recliner.

12 cans for a couch.

6-12 cans for a car interior.

Coverage varies to usage, fabric color, material and size of project.

We suggest multiple light coats, this will use less paint overall.  Let each coat dry 15 to 20 minutes, this will ensure the additional coats will adhere properly.

Thank you for reading. If you have any additional questions, please call us at             401-769-8800      . We’ll be happy to help