Simply Spray RV Upholstery Fabric Spray

The family RV upholstery can easily begin to look worn out and outdated. The road trips might be starting to wear the RV out, but just changing it out might not be an option. Instead Simply Spray can restore the old RV to whatever you want it to be. Stains can be easily be colored over by Simply Spray or the entire RV can be changed up. That old RV carpet  that started out beige turned into a dark gray can be changed up easily with some coats of a warm Saddle Brown.

The outdated couches can be introduced to the new century with any of the rich Simply Spray colors. Navy can give any piece of RV furniture a modern look, instead of spending thousands of dollars for re-upholstered or replacement pieces. The old kitchen chairs can be updated to a gorgeous hunter green or a black for an edgier look. Any linens can also be permanently transformed by Simply Spray changing the RV from just a way to get around to a personalized home.

Simply Spray upholstery fabric paint is perfect for painting any absorbent upholstery fabric, pillows, chairs, carpets and sofas. This product is unlike dyeing which can be messy and difficult, Simply Spray upholstery fabric paint is easy to use and dries quickly. Also, it is 100% non-toxic and safe for you pets and children to crawl and/or lay around on. Our spray is food grade safe with zero CFCs. Plus it cleans up easy, won’t come off on your clothes, and is UV protected. 

1 8oz can will spray up to 2 office chairs.

3-6 8oz cans will revitalize a small arm chair.

6 8oz cans will cover a small cubicle.

8-12 cans is needed for a normal sized recliner.

12-24 cans is approximately how much is needed for a normal sized couch (dependent on number of cushions).

12 cans are need to re-upholstery a car interior.


Also, remember that we suggest multiple light coats, this will use less paint overall.  Then let each coat dry 15 to 20 minutes, this will ensure the additional coats will adhere properly.

Thank you for reading. If you have any additional questions, please email or chat with us and we’ll be happy to help.