Vinyl Cote

Old vinyl can become new again with our new permanent vinyl spray!

Check out Simply Spray’s new product Vinyl Cote in 8oz cans. For a great job, you will need the right vinyl dye product and “Vinyl Cote” spray dye tops the list of all brands in the market today. Vinyl Cote is a revolutionary new form of spray dye designed to be permanent without coming off on vinyl. It can be used for all kinds of vinyl like furniture and car seats.

It is nontoxic and nonflammable which makes it an ideal vinyl dye for use for both interior and exterior surfaces. Also, it can be used like any other spray and it’s very affordable with great quality. Its food safe propellant and UV protection assures that the color after spraying will last more compared to other vinyl sprays.

This is a two part system, so you will also need to purchase the "Clear Cote" (Primer)  in order for the product to correctly dye your vinyl item. Then spray the " Vinyl Cote" (Color Can) as you normally would.

See the colors below:


Charcoal Grey           Black                 Camel               Clear Cote


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