Tulip Color Shot Natural Glow (3 oz can)


SKU: 35218

Spray paint for fabric
Aerosol fabric spray available in a 3-oz. spray can
Works great on natural and synthetic fabrics
Perfect for allover color or using with stencils
Dries quickly and soft to the touch
Colors can be blended on fabric
Even coverage - won't drip or splatter
Permanent and machine washable - a great spray paint for clothes!
Works best on dark fabrics
Activates with UV and black lighting

Ground shipping only.

Use in a well-ventilated area. Always test for best results.


  1. Start with clean, dry fabric (do not use fabric softener). Place wax paper or shirt form between layers of fabric to prevent color from bleeding through.
  2. Cover work surface and adjacent areas.


  1. Shake can well for at least 1 minute. Hold can 6-8" from fabric and spray with smooth, even strokes. Shake often during use.
  2. Apply one light coat at a time, waiting 5 minutes between coats. Add additional coats for desired coverage and intensity.
  3. Let dry 30 minutes. Fabric can be washed inside out with mild detergent on gentle cycle after 72 hours. Tumble dry low.
  4. Turn can upside down after use and spray 5 seconds to prevent clogging.

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